Zac’s Mystery Panel: On Demand


by Angelle Bonnecarrere (@angelle_renee)

It doesn’t get much better than a Zachary Levi mystery panel. The beauty of these panels is the freedom the actors have to not be promoting anything in particular so the panel is off the cuff, often ridiculous, and always hilarious. Zac brought out his special guests, Rob Kazinsky (True Blood, Pacific Rim), Nathan Fillion (you’re on this website, you know), and Alan Tudyk (I mean, c’mon). Alan came onstage toting his “big bag o’treats” and everyone who had a question went home with a Tudyk souvenir, be it a coat that Russell Crowe and Christian Bale bought especially for him, or a framed photograph from a failed TV pilot cast party, or any other random gift he may have received from a show or fan.

The questions at mystery panels are very often as random as the panelists themselves. However, a broken hearted fan who came all the way from Australia shared that her bag had been stolen and was left with no money and only her love of the gentleman onstage. Fillion immediately offered to buy her meals for the next day until she could get money wired. It was a really sweet moment. Another fan asked what villains they would like to play and without hesitation Zac answered Deadpool. Move over, Ryan Reynolds.

Stories from the many projects they have all worked on were shared, Rob Kazinsky recounted how Charlie Hunam broke his nose during their fight scene in Pacific Rim and the footage actually made it into the film. Alan Tudyk had the audience roaring with laughter as he recited lines from Serenity and a cut scene from 28 Days where he is telling the support group about what brought him to rehab. If you have never seen his tour de force performance in that, please go now and watch it.

All of the panels at HQ are a blast, but the mystery ones are the best. Where else can you hear Alan Tudyk talk about his failed career as a bartender in a transvestite bar while wearing green screen gloves, or find out that Nathan Fillion would like to play Spiderman villain, The Answer, because well…he would have all the answers. Need help with your taxes? He has the answer! Don’t know Japanese? He does! You can also find out that a cocky jaeger pilot is a total Star Trek and Chuck geek, as well as an accomplished sword master, avid fantasy reader, AND a trained stuntman.

Now, is he single?

That’s a mystery I’d like to solve.

Have fun nerds and there is more HQ coverage to come!

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