Zachary Levi’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


The Ice Bucket Challenge has taken over pop culture in the past few weeks, and it has reached The Nerd Machine! Everyone knows we love charity, so of course Zac made a video!

The official YouTube description:

Ice bucket? How bout Ice Magnums at Pat O’Brien’s?! I’m donating, how bout you? Let’s help end ALS now. Video made with iPhone/iMovie

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  1. IARA ÍVINANovember 26th, 2014 at 5:30 am

    Aaah, Zach ♥
    I love you so much . Love forever Chuck , and I support that has continued series or movie . Zachary , I ask you, please give some pleasant news to our ears regarding the series .
    Success and much happiness to you . kisses
    # I am from Brazil

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