X-Files Recap: My Struggle II


By Amy Joy, @amyjoy331


Well. That happened.


The mini-series is over and well…it’s not really over. Over would imply that it had an actual ending.  But that’s not what happened. Let’s get to what did happened, shall we?


The episode opens with Scully’s version of the dialogue and pictures from the season opener, but instead of the pictures going up into flames, Scully morphs into an alien all Animorphs style.  Scully arrives at the FBI building and finds the basement empty. The computer is on and she discovers Mulder was watching Tad O’Malley’s show. He’s back online and this time, he’s telling the world that there’s alien DNA inside of everyone. Then the office phone rings and its Tad, he’s looking for Mulder. He tells Scully he needs her “here.” Here happens to be Mulder’s house and it’s destroyed.


Tad is unhelpful; he doesn’t know anything about where Mulder is. Scully is irritated, calling Tad irresponsible for his broadcast. Tad insists he has alien DNA as well. Scully doesn’t care, she’s worried about Mulder. Skinner and Einstein join her and discuss Tad’s accusations. Einstein doesn’t believe them, Skinner is on the fence. Boy, doesn’t that sound familiar? The ladies of science head to Scully’s former place of employment, the hospital, to help disprove the theory of alien DNA being in the general population.


Before they make it into a lab, they’re approached by a confused man. He’s looking sweaty and sick. Scully calls a nurse to get him to a doctor right away after they notice a legion on his arm.


Meanwhile, Mulder is driving. He looks like hell. He’s all beaten up and haggard. He gets a call from Skinner; he ignores it and speeds up, hell bent on whatever mission he’s on.


Scully and Einstein begin lab work, starting with drawing some of Einstein’s blood. Scully confides in the other scientist that she has alien DNA.


Scully hypothesizes that maybe there was something in a vaccine that nearly everyone was given as a child that spread the alien DNA. Einstein still doesn’t believe, thinks it’s ludicrous.  Miller pops up and joins them momentarily. Skinner asked him to help look for Mulder. He informs them that people are getting increasingly worked up after watching Tad’s latest show.


Tad is talking about a massive, global illness that is coming and will destroy everyone’s immune systems. The doctor on his show believes the people everyone depends on most will be hit first.


Miller asks Scully if it’s plausible. She thinks it is and that it’s already begun.


Scully finds the nurse that took away the sick man from earlier. Scully thinks he’s been exposed to anthrax. And that anthrax is just the start; it’ll just open the floodgates to the massive, global illness that Tad spoke of.


Mulder is sleeping on the side of the road until a cop car flies by with sirens blasting. He looks down to see Scully calling and ignores her call and continues driving into South Carolina.


Back at the X-Files office, Miller turns on Mulder’s computer and turns on Tad’s show. He’s reporting that soldiers and military personnel are coming down with symptoms of exposure to anthrax. Then he voices what Scully has already stated, that it’s just the first wave. After shutting off the video, Miller notices a phone tracker app on Mulder’s lap top because why not?  It seems like a very un-Mulder thing to have on his computer considering his paranoia level but I digress. Using the app, Miller finds him in Spartanburg, South Carolina and goes off to rescue the wayward Mulder.


The sick military man is looking worse, the legions have spread. Scully continues to be Debbie Downer (“This is just the beginning!”). Thankfully Einstein is having none of this attitude, which is rather redeeming of her character. When they finally have a productive talk it’s interrupted by a phone call. A mystery woman who was “there when you also needed help” informs Scully that she can tell her what is happening.


Surprise! It’s Reyes!




How Scully didn’t recognize her voice is beyond me considering the fact that they were so close.  It wasn’t like Monica disguised her voice. Long story short, CSM is behind it and Monica sold her soul and aligned herself with him to keep herself safe. She goes on to tell Scully that she’s protected. That all of the tests and abductions made Scully one of the “chosen elite.”


Scully asks about Mulder. Reyes doesn’t have any answers beyond CSM loves Mulder and sent a man to offer him a deal.


Flashback to Mulder and the man who went to fetch him for CSM, fighting. This answers why Mulder looked like hell in the first place.


Mulder confronts CSM who offers him “a seat at the big table”, to be with Scully, to build the world anew. Mulder refuses.


Tad is still making broadcasts to get the word out to the masses. Hospitals are now being overrun. The breakdown of peoples immune systems have begun and common illnesses are turning severe. Scully and Einstein are experiencing this first hand at the hospital, sick people are everywhere.  Scully has an idea. They would use her DNA to make a vaccine to defeat this super virus (the Spartan virus).


Mulder is on the floor at CSM’s house. Apparently he must have lost consciousness because there’s no explanation of why he’s suddenly on the floor. They continue their pointless talk and CSM reveals the fact he’s actually the Phantom of the Opera. Okay, he reveals the fact about 15% of his face is missing to further explain that he once survived death. Why? Who knows?


The genome sequencing proved to be a failure. The marker Scully had seen weeks ago is no longer there. The nurse comes in and informs Scully that she’s their last hope; all the doctors and nurses are getting sick.


Tad continues his reports. Deaths have started. He advises people to stay inside. He’s going to continue reporting as long as there’s still hope.  Einstein and Scully go over what was wrong with the science and figure out the sample was too small. They try again.


RescueTime (1)


Miller finally reaches Mulder and gets him away from CSM. CSM warns them “You have no idea how well we planned.” Miller doesn’t care and he doesn’t want the cure. They leave in a rather sporty car.


Einstein is getting sick. Scully continues to work on the making the cure. She calls Miller and finds out he has Mulder. The first batch of the cure is ready and Scully gives it to Einstein so the other doctor can help administer it to more of the sick.


Tad—looking worse for the wear—makes his final report. He tells everyone that he got a text from a doctor and there’s a vaccine and not to give up.


Scully goes through the city and lectures looters before she does some spectacular sidewalk driving to get to Miller and Mulder. They end up meeting on a bridge because traffic is going nowhere. Scully notes how dire Mulder is, telling Miller the vaccine isn’t going to help him. She tells Miller she needs stem cells from William but she doesn’t know where he is.


But before anything can happen, a green beam of light appears…it’s the same UFO that blew up Sveta and Scully stares up in horror into the light…


And as the opening tag line stated: THIS IS THE END.


Favorite Moments and Quotes Final Thoughts:


This episode, the final in the 6 part revival we’ve been waiting years for, left us out to dry. There was no ending. We got stuck, in true Chris Carter form, with a cliff hanger. In knowing the series was going to be limited amount of episodes, felt like a giant middle finger to me.


It was a great episode on its own, to be honest. I loved the tension of it, the intensity. But as a finale? A kick in the head because it was building up so spectacularly, it could have been an amazing tip off to a continued series or movie, whatever medium.


As of right now there are no plans to continue the series in any form. While it was nice to see Mulder and Scully and the rest of the crew on screen again, I’ve found myself wondering what was the point? If it was to introduce a new generation to the series, Netflix could have easily done that job instead of this.


At least we had some fun moments in the previous four episodes (I’m not counting “Home Again”) that I can say I loved.


Thanks for reading my recaps, fellow X-Philes; it was an honor to write these up! And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Act_On_LoveFebruary 26th, 2016 at 8:43 am

    I am invoking Muphry’s Law to my own detriment, but I have to say this:

    lesions, not legions.

    Ok, now that I have that out of my system, for the most part I really enjoyed the episode and was really bummed that it was a cliffhanger. Whether they’ll continue the story either as another miniseries or as a movie? That probably depends on the numbers. I think they did all right, so I guess it’s a matter of time. You can bet they didn’t film that huge buildup without an idea to go from there.

    Since anti-vaccination proponents have been so destructive lately, I found the premise a bit off-putting even though it was just amusing back in the original series. I hope nobody takes it as affirmation that the conspiracy theories are real. They’re just… out there. 😉

    As usual, the acting was amazing, Mulder & Scully look great, the new agents are good actors, and my goodness, Mitch Pileggi just seems to get more attractive as time goes on.

  2. JeffFebruary 26th, 2016 at 8:57 am

    First, nice recount. Next, pretty strong episode. But, I agree, it was definitely not an ending. However, I’m quite certain I read a quote (Twitter?) from Carte that X-Files will “definitely be back.”
    If so, another final, final miniseries would be nice. But, I’d also be okay with a final movie like Joss did with Serenity.

  3. Tammy HodgesFebruary 26th, 2016 at 2:28 pm


    VERY nice job on this and ALL the recaps. THANK YOU!

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one wondering…WTH Chris!! I’d be “ok” if this was being extended past 6 episodes, but there’s no indication of that, so, I say again…WTH Chris?!

    Being a HUGE fan of the original, almost to complete memorization, I have SO many questions.

    1. Why isn’t Mulder protected? If CSM loves him so, he would’ve been the first, especially since he’s family ?

    2. How in the heck did Monica become so involved with CSM? I know Dogget wasn’t in this reboot but 10 yrs ago he & Monica would’ve still been partners. I chose to believe he would’ve fought her tooth & nail on making a decision to join THAT side of things! We’re they trying to go for a “Monica/Scully” thing like a “Diana/Mulder” thing when Diana aligned with CSM to “protect” Mulder? If so…FAIL.

    3. Where has Tad been?

    4. Where is William? The ONE question I wanted answered and we are STILL in the dark.

    On a lighter note, how about that fight scene. I know Mulder basically got his butt kicked but he has certainly improved in his fighting skills.☺

    I am disappointed (for now) that will only change if they say more episodes are coming. All in all, it was great to see them all again.

    My rant is over

  4. ChrisFebruary 26th, 2016 at 3:17 pm

    I completely agree with your final thoughts. Chris Carter played a game of dine and dash and we were left holding the check. I was really looking forward to seeing their son since he was mentioned so much in these 6 episodes. It would’ve been nice to wrap this up in a pretty little bow but we were left with more questions than answers. It was still a fun ride and a great experience seeing Mulder & Scully back in action! Great write up Amy! I really like reading your recaps.

  5. anjanetteFebruary 27th, 2016 at 8:44 am

    Giant middle finger…my thoughts exactly. Lots of wasted time that could have been spent resolving some questions. Almost teared up at the This Is The End shot in the opening credits and then a cliffhanger? Pretty ticked off actually.

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