WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review


By: Ricky Strong (@strongricky)

When a game is delayed it usually doesn’t bode well for the end product. WWE 2K15 is no exception, and 2K Sports first foray into current gen wrestling fails to live up to the quality of other 2K games.


There are some good things going on in WWE 2K15, but they are few and far between. Some of the wrestler models look really good (i.e. Titus O’Neil, Randy Orton, Goldust, and John Cena to name a few) but it makes no sense whatsoever that Shawn Michaels, who is featured in the 2K Showcase mode, looks terrible. CM Punk, who doesn’t work with WWE anymore, looks pretty good minus his face. Oh, and the hair… it looks just as bad on PS4 as it did on the PS3. The arenas just feel ugly too, they don’t necessarily look bad but the sets just don’t seem to have the grandeur of a WWE event and the pyro is awful.

The wrestling gameplay is supposed to be less button mashy and better paced for a real wrestling match. One of the new features is the tie up system which starts a mini game, each player selects a hold, which is essentially a rock, paper, scissors game, and the winning hold gives that player the advantage in the hold. Each player then rolls the right stick around for the sweet spot that turns the indicator red. The player in control may also hit the other player or wrench the hold to reset the right stick battle. The player that finds the sweet spot and holds it advances the hold, and players repeat this process for usually 3 holds. It’s a neat addition if you want a technical wrestling match, but it gets old really fast. The pace of WWE 2K15 is so slow it is actually boring.


The momentum meter is the best change in WWE 2K15. Now you don’t have to hit your opponent(s) with 5 finishers to win the match, because you will be lucky to get 2. WWE 2K15 also discourages repeatedly striking or using the same move over and over by reducing the amount of momentum you receive from repeating moves. With specials and finishers so much harder to earn, it does sting when your opponent reverses your finisher and you have to earn another! It was really cool when I went for Daniel Bryan’s flying headbutt and Randy Orton hit me with an RKO. I can see WWE 2K15 having some really cool moments when you are playing with a few friends, but for the promise of the new additions doesn’t make this a good game by any means.

WWE Universe feels pointless. You can play through shows, change the card, change title holders, create rivalries, but you cannot make storylines. It is an empty shell without a heart when you are just playing match after match with no dialogue to create a story. MyCareer is ok, but it’s not really fun. You start off at the WWE Performance Center with coach Bill DeMott and work through a few NXT matches to earn a spot on the main roster. You earn SP by completing objectives in matches to increase your attributes and thus create a better wrestler. There isn’t really any meat on the bone here, especially while your character is in NXT. If 2K15 gave me a great feud with The Ascension or Vaudevillians then some great matches with Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville I would have loved this mode.


2K Showcase, the spiritual successor to 30 Years of Wrestlemania (2K14), is very disappointing as well. I never experienced the CM Punk v John Cena & HBK v HHH feuds. Reliving these feuds for fans that watched them as they unfolded may love the mode, but it never gave me the storytelling to make the matches really feel important. 30 Years of Wrestlemania had vignettes that gave great backstory to each match, but in 2K Showcase you might get a vignette every 4 or 5 matches. Also, Shawn Michaels looks terrible….did I mention that? Shawn Michaels looks really bad actually.

The worst part of WWE 2K15 for me is just how outdated it is on day 1. I don’t follow the WWE product, and am lucky to see WWE programming once or twice a month; and even I see how behind it is compared to the product today. It seems so easy to just add new videos, music, and attire for the roster. What reinforces this even more is the download center. I downloaded Stardust (which looked incredible), updated Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and more; and that was on the first day! The worst thing is they didn’t even add the new(ish) WWE title belt. Add a dynamic roster like NBA 2K15 has and this would be a much better product.


As nice as it is to finally be able to play as Bray Wyatt or Adrian Neville, WWE 2K15 is a huge disappointment. There are some great steps forward, but so many steps backward. There are moments when 2K15 is fun, but it just doesn’t capture the magic and spectacle of sports entertainment. As good ole JR would say, WWE 2K15 is tougher than a $2 steak.

Rating: 2 out out of 5

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