WWE 13 the No Mercy Killer


by Marcus Luera

No Mercy is a WWF/E game that came out on the Nintendo 64 about a decade ago.  Since then, we have had a slew of wrestling games, some good and some lackluster.  Most of those games have one thing in common, they were button-mashers.  Yes, No Mercy was the last game that involved strategy and timing.  That is, until WWE 13. It returned to the style of play that made No Mercy a benchmark in wrestling games.

Unlike past titles, WWE 13 did not try to recreate the latest storylines from TV or try to come up with originals. The story mode is not just a quest to win a title or beat Taker at Wrestlemania.  Nope, you are reliving the Attitude Era.  This timeframe starts in 1997 and lasts till about 2001.  You play as biggest names in the WWE at that time, DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker, and The Rock.  You hit many of their career highlights from this time period, too—the Montreal Screw Job, Austin vs. Vince, and Hell in the Cell.  This is the selling point for many, and it is blast to play though.

This game is about timing and strategy.  The control scheme is very similar to WWE 12, with one thing of note, one button counters.  This is where timing comes into play. If you just mindlessly tap the button and think that will save you, then you are wrong.  The control set does have a nice flow to it and feels good.

The graphics are what you’d expect, and are good for this generation of consoles.  A real nice treat is back in story mode where a lot of the commentary for the matches is lifted from the original WWE broadcasts.  It is very nice to hear JR and the King doing the commentary for the game.  This is a blessing and curse, though.  Due to legal reasons, any time someone says “WWF,” it’s bleeped out, and on the set-up videos, the WWF logos are blurred.  They have had to do this for years, but it is still a pain.

My final thoughts on the game are this, WWE 13 is as close to perfect as we will get.  The roster has good mix of current and Attitude Era superstars.  Any perceived gaps will be fixed by either the three DLC packs or by the deep create-a-superstar mode.  The story mode flows well and brings back so many good memories. They also brought back the “King of the Ring” tournament mode and the “I Quit” match.  Any “flaws” you might find are just nit-picking.  This is the best WWE game in a long time.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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