World of Tanks Blitz


by: Ricky Strong

World of Tanks Blitz is the mobile counterpart to the World of Tanks series by The free-to-play game with MMO elements boasts a large variety of tanks, battlefields, and gameplay experiences. WoT Blitz aims for the sky with the online multiplayer battles, but does it deliver?


The first thing you are going to notice with WoT Blitz (once you get through the tutorial) is that there are a lot of options. There are a ton of tanks to choose from, all within three different factions. You can play as the United States, USSR, or Germany; as well as choose from heavy tanks, medium tanks, light tanks, and tank destroyers. You also can load consumables, ammo, and equipment to match your playing style. These items may be purchased with gold, credits, or experience earned within matches.


Yeah, it is a lot to take in! Once you pick a tank and all your equipment, you jump in to a match. This is where WoT Blitz shines. The controls are easy to learn and the graphics look really good for a mobile game. I played on an iPhone 5S and the frame rate never dropped below 57fps. The combat is actually very strategic also. If you run in to the middle of a firefight with a tank destroyer, the light tanks are going to run in close and dominate you. It takes a little experimenting to learn how to use each tanks efficiently, but it pays off.


The biggest thing that surprised me was how well the game played online. The servers were rock solid. I never lost connection in a single game. It was a far cry from Call of Duty or Battlefield, and I loved it. WoT Blitz is a deep and rewarding game for the mobile gamers that are looking to get their competitive multiplayer fix. It is definitely worth trying out because it is free and is available on iOS via the App Store.


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