World Conquest Zvezda Plot-Review


By Justin Jasso (@jjasso007)

At different ages, we have different goals in life. When we’re young, the goal is to stay up as late as possible. As we get older, we want to be able to stay out with friends more, get a car, a solid career, have children, tour Europe…everyone has goals. Whether we accomplish those goals depends on a variety of factors. But, if you really want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen. Such is the case with the latest anime from A-1 Pictures, World Conquest Zvezda Plot, where one young girl has the ultimate goal: to conquer the world!

Asuta Jimon is a middle school student who has recently run away from home. One fateful night, he bumps into a little girl name Kate who happens to doing “reconnaissance.” After helping her, Kate offers him the opportunity to share the world – and her snacks – by joining her group, Zvezda. Without money or a place to sleep, Jimon decides to join Kate and her group in their attempt to conquer the world. He’s given a mask and the code name of Dva, as every member of Zvezda has an alter ego. But with Zvezda known to many groups who would try to prevent their world conquest, will Jimon and Zvezda be able to achieve their goals? Or will they die in the process?


World Conquest Zvezda Plot is not going to stimulate you intellectually, it doesn’t have the deep character drama found in Attack on Titan, nor is it relatable like Sword Art Online and other MMORPGs. What World Conquest Zvezda Plot does deliver is something unique, while being a little old fashioned, but is still a whole lot of fun. The members of Zvezda range in age – from little Kate to the older, father figure/ex-military Goro – and each carries their own personality, often quite different whether they are their normal selves or if they are in battle as their alter egos. The group fits together like a dysfunctional family of sorts, but even though it appears dysfunctional on the outside, it has its own ebb and flow, creating a harmony that works for them. After we get a grasp on the members of Zvezda, we are introduced to other characters (particularly those opposing Zvezda, who some may say are the good guys), and begin their development. While the main narrative revolves around world conquest, the real joy is in the character interaction.

When it comes to a throwback, World Conquest Zvezda Plot pays homage to the anime of old, where characters would have powers and wear a costume, of sorts, to disguise themselves. Clark Kent has his costume, Bruce Wayne has his, the Sailor Moon characters had theirs, and the people of World Conquest Zvezda Plot have theirs. I always questioned how no one could recognize them as their alter egos (hello, Mr. Kent) when it seemed so obvious. But at least the characters here disguise themselves pretty well, minus a couple characters. The action and comedy are a little over the top…maybe a lot over the top at times, but it adds to the fun.
World Conquest Zvezda Plot knows exactly what kind of anime it is and what it is trying to do, and we applaud them for that. It won’t be an anime vying for the best anime of the year, and it is ok with that. It is happy putting characters out there that you’ll remember and making sure you have fun throughout each episode. And even with the type of anime it is, we still get an attachment to the characters and really root for Zvezda to succeed. That’s right, we root for the bad guys to win. And maybe it isn’t so much that they are bad guys; maybe it’s more that we see Kate has a goal, and she’s working hard to achieve that. We want her to be successful, just as we all want to be successful with our own goals. If only we all worked as hard as Kate to achieve them, we’d all be pretty darn successful.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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