Why Tim Burton NEEDS to Direct a Batman Film in the DCEU


By Gavin Wilson
Most of us nerds can remember all the talk that exploded around the internet and amongst friends groups when it was announced that Zack Snyder had cast Ben Affleck as Batman himself. Many people were concerned that he was unfit for the role both physically and acting wise, especially after the flop that was Daredevil. However, when Dawn of Justice was finally released, even those that hated the film admitted that Affleck was surprisingly very well and his adaptation of the character is now the most highly praised element of the DC Extended Universe and his future appearances are some of the most anticipated of all the characters. I personally loved Dawn of Justice to the point where it became my favorite superhero movie and couldn’t contain my excitement when they confirmed that he would be receiving his own solo film and the more news that gets revealed about it, the more excited I become. However, the project has hit a bit of a snag recently. As most know, Affleck has been praised for both his acting and directing abilities in the past and he decided the helm The Batman film as the star, director and producer. He said on numerous occasions that he didn’t want to fall prey to the same issues that plagued Suicide Squad and had no intention to rush the script, meaning to make the film and his performance as perfect as he could out of respect for the fans. Now, that determination to keep the character perfect has led to him stepping down as director, fearing that he was stretching himself too thin.
Once again, the internet has been flooded with speculation, everyone wondering who should and will take up the mantle and direct this crucial and highly desired film. The most obvious choice is Zack Snyder whose work with these films is currently set to end with the release of Justice League this November. However, I feel it’s time that Tim Burton makes a comeback to the genre of comic book films by returning to the character that made his name forever inseparable from superhero film history. Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns completely modernized and revolutionized the character in such a way that he set the tone and feel for how the Caped Crusader would be represented and seen for years to come. He knew just how to find the perfect blend of being dark and gritty while also campy and fun, something a lot of people feel that the DCEU is lacking in lately.
I don’t think it’s unlikely that Burton would be open to taking on such a project because of his history with these kinds of films. For those who haven’t forced themselves to forget, the third and fourth installment to the 90’s Batman films was directed by Joel Schumacher who completely changed the pacing and tone of the films which inevitably lead to the death of the franchise. Burton’s visions for future sequels were seen as too dark for a series of films that Warner Bros wanted to keep “family friendly” and thus his ideas were scrapped, leading him to leave the franchise entirely and move on to other things. However, he didn’t give up on comic book films entirely seeing as how he produced both Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. Another thing that may contribute to the odds of Burton returning is his attempts at making a Superman film in the early 2000’s. He wanted to do a more gritty, unique take on the character that may have resembled Snyder’s Man of Steel in a few different ways. Taking all of this into account really gives me hope that there is a very small possibility that Burton could direct either The Batman or at least some future film in the DCEU.
However unlikely it may seem, imagining a future where Tim Burton came back to DC films makes me immensely happy and just sounds so fun. As most know, almost every film he has directed has been partnered by a musical score written by Danny Elfman. Elfman is a legend in comic book films himself due to his iconic work on Burton’s Batman films and his equally impressive work on films like Sam Raimi’s Spider-man. Nothing sounds cooler in my mind then seeing a Batman film starring Ben Affleck’s brooding and vengeful interpretation facing off against campy, yet disturbing villains being directed by the mind of Tim Burton with a new original superhero score created by Danny Elfman. And I know for a fact the nerd community would not only love for this, it’d bring a lot of DC skeptics around to giving the DCEU another shot at pleasing them. I grew up watching all of his movies – Batman included – and he is one of my favorite directors, along with Zack Snyder and J.J. Abrams whom I wouldn’t mind stepping in to direct other films in this franchise as well. Though, I feel Abrams would be more suited for the Man of Steel sequel, that’s a topic for a future article. No matter what happens, I can say without any speculation that I as well as most DC fans are completely excited for The Batman to find a director and can’t wait for the film to be released.

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  1. SharlzGFebruary 12th, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    The Dark Knight was one of the few movies that I got bored during and by the end I was ready for it to be over, so I still haven’t seen the third movie or BvS. I enjoyed the Burton Batman’s and having Tim direct would make me consider going to a cinema to see it, if only to see the spin he puts on it, and could be the thing that gets me interested in the franchise again.

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