Who Are The Good Guys in The Last Jedi?


By: Olivia Biggs

The latest Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi trailer has hit! While we’re picking apart every potential misdirection, piece of passionate dialogue, and crazy new creature in each screenshot, let’s pause for a moment to review the canon we already have and check for changes.

First of all – and this might be an obvious question – who are the good guys?

So far, Luke Skywalker seems pretty hellbent on not teaching his Jedi ways to the next generation, claiming, “It’s time for the Jedi to end,” in the last trailer and “…it didn’t scare me enough then. It does now!” in this one. Will this film truly be about the “last” Jedi, simply because Luke has become as whiny as he was about going to Tosche station to pick up power converters? Also, why does Kylo Ren seem so conflicted about potentially killing his mom, and conflicted in general? Will Rey turn dark when Luke refuses to teach her?

Next, there are new, way-too-adorable creatures to ogle over, like the somehow-already-bestselling-toy Porg and the cool-looking ice foxes.

While we’ve already seen some new spacecraft to add to the list of already-known vehicles, sequences in the newest trailer show us uniquely armored AT-ATs and Kylo Ren’s pretty sick new TIE fighter.

Besides the hard-hitting emotional notes and cool fantasy elements of the trailer, we know there’s so much more to expect from the film itself! There’s plenty of stuff, because of promotion, that we know exists that they haven’t shown us so far in the trailers. For instance…

Where is Rose Tico? Is that the back of her head in the opening shot?

Where is the adorable toy-bait BB9E (a.k.a. BBH8)?

Where are the new, samurai-esque Praetorian Guard protecting Snoke? We might’ve seen their feet for a moment, but they seem like they’re going to be really cool in the film, if the toys are to be any indicator.

This may be a silly question much like “how C3PO got his red arm” or “how Maz got Luke’s old lightsaber,” but how did Phasma get out of that trash compactor so that she could fight with Finn?

As we continue to dissect everything, let’s look more at the established universe through a new lens.

This infographic brought to you by Costume Craze shows us the canonical stormtroopers and clone troopers of Star Wars lore, but instead frames them as the good guys. Considering the background contains phrases used in propaganda for the United States from WWII, maybe we should consider who’s good and bad closer to home, rather just in a galaxy far, far way…

Troops of the Empire: Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers of Star Wars - CostumeCraze.com - Infographic

Information compiled and illustrated by CostumeCraze.com

One thing is clear: this film is going to make us question the good and evil inside all of us. Hopefully, it can do it in a fun, exciting, Lucasfilm-worthy way.

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