Weekly Nerd News: March 18


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

Have you fallen behind on your nerd news? Don’t worry;  we’re here to help! Here are a few stories to bring up at the water  cooler this week:

Now we  have two good reasons to count down to the release of Iron Man 3 – first is, duh, the release  of the movie and second is the Thor: The Dark World trailer will be attached to  the movie. A Spanish  promotional poster for IM3 has found  its way online, confirming the news with a tagline translating to, “Also  enjoy an exclusive preview of Thor:  The Dark World.” Though Iron Man  3 won’t  be released in America until May, it will be released in other countries  in April, hopefully causing Disney to put the trailer online early.

It’s a  double dose of Doctor  Who news  this week! First of all, the show comes back March 30, kicking off its  50th year, and a trailer teasing the season’s eight episodes has been released. Secondly, Jenna-Louise Coleman has confirmed Clara will be back for Season Eight. She also said the show will  take a four-month production break for Matt Smith to film a movie in  America, but will resume in September.

Guardians  of the Galaxy has found  its Drax the Destroyer! Mixed martial artist and former WWE wrestler Dave Baustista has signed  a deal to play Drax, a warrior who wants to kill Thanos. He joins  Chris Pratt, who was previously announced as playing Peter Quill/Star-Lord.  No word yet on the casting of other characters Groot, Gamora, and Rocket  Raccoon.

In addition  to the good news that Sherlock Season  Three starts filming today, Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed there will be a Season Four of  the series. He didn’t  say how long it would be between filming, but it would be safe to assume  another long hiatus is on the horizon – Cumberbatch mentioned everything  depends on his and Martin Freeman’s availability.

A Resident Evil 6 and Left 4 Dead 2 crossover project has been announced. The  feature will be released for the games’ PC versions in the spring. In Resident  Evil 6, players  will encounter the Witch and several Mini Tank Special infected characters  in addition to receiving Left 4  Dead’s four  main characters. Left 4  Dead will  get Resident  Evil’s main  enemies. RE’s content  will be free and available starting April 5 and L4D will  get theirs later in the spring, also for free.

At a recent TEDxDeExtinction event, researchers announced they’ve  grown early-stage embryos from a species of frog that has been extinct  since 1983. Scientists  extracted DNA from frozen gastric-brooding frog specimens and inserted  them into eggs using the same process that is used to clone still-living  animals. The embryos died a few days later, before becoming tadpoles,  but scientists are confident they will be able to bring this frog back  soon.

On the  heels of a recent website redesign, Facebook is now looking to incorporate the hashtag. This  is obviously a sign of the fight between it and Twitter, with both competing  for the most advertising dollars. Facebook has followed Twitter’s lead  in other features, too, introducing subscriber lists and allowing users  to tag users with the @ symbol. Despite taking many cues from Twitter,  Facebook is still king, though, expected to make $851 million from mobile  advertising revenue this year.

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