Weekly Nerd News: December 31


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

Have you fallen behind on your nerd news? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are a few stories to bring up at the water cooler this week:

The Royal Mail will soon be releasing special stamps in honor of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. Not only will one sheet feature each Doctor, but another set will have the TARDIS and some of his most famous foes including a Dalek, a Cyberman, and a Weeping Angel. The stamps won’t be released until March 26, 2013, but you can pre-order them now from royalmail.com/doctorwho. Will you be ordering a set? Who is your favorite Doctor?

MTV has finally released the outtakes to Tom Hiddleston’s hilarious “Loki’d!” sketch. The clips show just how good of a sport Tom is and how much he is willing to do in the name of comedy mischief. Check it out and in case you missed the original bit, you can watch it here. If you could play a prank on Tom, what would you do?

JJ Abrams has declined directing the new Star Wars movies. He revealed that because he is such a big fan of the franchise, he would rather sit and watch as an audience member and be surprised by what’s happening than be involved in making them. His next movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness, will be released in May. Who do you think should direct the Star Wars extensions?

It has been confirmed the upcoming Tomb Raider video game will have a multiplayer component. This has been a long-speculated rumor, but it’s nice to finally have proof in the form on this month’s XBOX Magazine. And in case you didn’t know, our very own Zachary Levi has been hosting webisodes chronicling the making of the game. Watch the latest installment here. Will multiplayer be something you will enjoy while playing Tomb Raider?

In case you haven’t read Amazing Spider-Man No. 700, don’t read this any further! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! The milestone issue features a final battle between Spider-Man and his archenemy Doc Ock, which results in the defeat of our hero and the doctor inhabiting the body and mind of Spider-Man. What happens after that? We will soon learn when the new Spider-Man era begins in January with the release of Superior Spider-Man. What do you think of this game-changing move by Marvel?

In a bit of nostalgia-inducing news, Sony will stop shipping PlayStation 2 consoles to retailers in Japan after they run out of their current stock. The system is nearly thirteen years old and has sold over fifteen million units. Will you be sad to see it go?

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  1. Brandon M.December 31st, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Great job Haylee and thanks for this week’s news! I have to admit that I haven`t collected any stamps since I was a wee little nerd in training, but I just may have to order the Doctor Who sheets and have them framed! What Whovian wouldn’t appreciate that? As for Abrams decision not to throw his hat in the ring with the new Star Wars films, I am impressed by his candor and his fandom of the source material. We definitely don`t want just a famous name at the helm. We want need desire someone who wants to be at the helm with every ounce of their nerd soul! I can`t say that I have a favorite pick, but Joss Whedon definitely has shown an ability to take that which we love and make it more than we ever imagined it could be. Maybe another unappreciated talent is out there that will make that which is great, even greater! As for the upcoming Tomb Raider, I simply can`t wait. Absolutely loved the demo at the Nerd HQ this summer at Comic-Con. Online play will just take to another level! Okay….enough from me for now! Thanks again to The Nerd Machine for bringing us this nerdy goodness. Vivalanerdolution!

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