Weekly Nerd News: April 15


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

Have you fallen behind on your nerd news? Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Here are a few stories to bring up at the water cooler this week:

Not one to be behind the times, it looks like Twitter will soon integrate a music application into their services. The site set up a mysterious page on Friday, bearing only their logo and the hashtag “#music.” It seems the new feature will be used to help users find out what music is trending and aid in discovering new artists they may also enjoy.

We now know sixty-six percent of the titles for Sherlock Series Three. It has been announced episode two will be titled “The Sign of Three” and will be written by Steve Thompson, who also wrote “The Reichebach Fall” and “The Blind Banker.” Fans of the original works will notice the title is based on the Arthur Conan Doyle story “The Sign of Four,” in which John Watson meets his future wife Mary Morstan. It was previously revealed the premiere episode will be titled “The Empty Hearse.”

Following controversial statements he made on Twitter, Microsoft creative director Adam Orth is seemingly no longer with the company. His comments were made in disagreement to Microsoft’s new XBox that is said to be “always on.” Microsoft’s apology on the matter said his thoughts were not in alignment with company policy and gave no further details about the console which is said to be revealed May 21.

Fans of summer blockbusters, rejoice! Three movies premiered sneak peeks last night at the MTV Movie Awards, with arguably the most anticipated release being The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. You can watch the teaser trailer here, which looks to deviate a little from the books, but will no doubt please fans as much as the first one did. The second movie to get the promo treatment was Iron Man 3, and the new trailer you can watch here. Lastly, Man of Steel also got in on the action, with a creepy new trailer with a voiceover from General Zod. Watch it here.

Facebook’s new “Home” feature is now available on Google Play. The application is only available for limited android devices and puts users’ friend interactions on their home screen. No word yet on when it will be iPhone-accessible.

The Syfy network has announced the launch of three new original series. In one, currently called “Cosworld,” viewers will be shown the behind-the-scenes world of cosplayers and everything that goes on in cosplay competitions. Another, “Fandemonium” (also a working title), is a six episode docu-series that explores fanboy and fangirl culture. Finally, “Joe Rogan Questions Everything” (again, a working title) follows Rogan as he tries to solve paranormal mysteries, like has done previously on his podcast.

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