Wearable Tech Will Soon Let You Control Sphero’s BB-8 With The Force, Sorta


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

Raise your hand if you got a BB-8 by Sphero for the holidays. Now raise your hand if you wish you could control your new droid using the Force. While that may not be exactly possible, the next best thing is coming: wearable tech that will make you feel like a Jedi Master.

The prototype model of Sphero’s upcoming motion-tracking wearables just premiered at CES. Featuring ultra-responsive gyroscopic sensors, the tech will be able to command and control BB-8 with just a move of the wrist.

Not only will you be able to send BB-8 away and then call it back, you will also be able to steer around obstacles and activate pre-programmed actions.

According to Gizmodo, there will also be different control modes depending on how you hold your wrist that are indicated by a color-changing LED on the tech. It will even allow you to control BB-8’s head so it can respond to people interacting with it.

It should be noted that while Sphero demonstrated the tech as wristbands, the production version will look different when it is released.

Also being released with the tech will be a new “battle-damaged” BB-8, scuffed and scratched from rolling around the galaxy.

When available, the tech and the new BB-8 will be sold as a bundle, but can also be purchased individually for those who already own a BB-8. Both should hit stores by the end of the year. To purchase the current version of BB-8, head to Sphero’s website.

Photo by: Gizmodo

Photo by: Gizmodo

Photo by: Gizmodo

Photo by: Gizmodo

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