We Are Hogwarts


by Nicole Perez (@PrettyNGeek)

I ashamedly admit I’m one of those people who watched all of the Harry Potter movies before I ever cracked open the books. In some ways, I’m glad I took this path because the anticipation of waiting for the next book or movie in real time would have driven me insane. Eventually, I made the journey through all seven glorious novels. As a result, I fell more in love with Hogwarts, I saw the true progression of Ron and Hermione’s relationship, and best of all, I discovered this story wasn’t just about the bespectacled boy who lived: it was about an entire community coming together to defeat darkness. And while I am a much bigger fan of the books, the movies – particularly the last film – gave some great imagery of the final battle against Voldemort.

Let me set this up for you: after a long absence following Dumbledore’s death, Harry, Ron, and Hermione return to Hogwarts in search of the last horcruxes needed to destroy the Dark Lord. When they arrive, they find their beloved home turned from a place of peace and solitude into a dark, Death Eater ridden prison of sorts. This all happened because somewhere down the line, Voldemort took over the greater Hogwarts metropolitan area and is now thirstier for Harry’s blood than Ron for a chocolate frog. That said, Harry’s return to Hogwarts was a big deal because he – and anyone associated with him – was now public enemy number one.

Here’s where it gets saucy: Using the greatest voiceover of all time, Voldemort calls out Harry for a rumble in the Forbidden Forest and “casually” mentions that anyone who is for Harry is against him and will Avada Kedavra their behinds if they try to protect Potter.

In response to Voldemort’s threat, everyone – aside from some slimy Slytherins (no offense, House of Slytherin) who wanted to throw Harry under the bus – banded together and prepared for battle. Professors, students, alumni, and even some government officials busted out the wands, set up protective spells, and geared up for a fight. This was their house and no one, not even the darkest of them all, was going to take it from them.

Eventually, a battle raged throughout the campus. Spells were flying back and forth like bullets, patches of the castle were crumbling and exploding, and, just as in any war, the list of fatalities started to grow. The fight was difficult and they had to call on every bit of strength to battle through pain and loss. But what kept them going was the purpose of their fight: to drive out every trace of darkness that would seek to kill and destroy every good thing in their world.

I don’t know about you, but lately it feels like this world is our Hogwarts. The Voldemort wannabes keep trying to ruin our happy moments, our peaceful places with their plots of destruction. The good news is that we, like the Hogwarts community, are armed with our own kind of magic to defeat our enemies. When tragedy strikes, we rally together to provide each other with help, solutions, comfort, and good deeds.

We may not be able to anticipate every attack, but we can be prepared by making a pointed effort to do good, spread happiness, and shine our light where darkness may stupidly dare to tread. It is our mission to continue to fight through it all and tap into the good in us all to push out the evil.

For just as a wise wizard named Dumbledore once said, “It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay, though never quite eradicated.” So keep your heads held high and fight on, fellow soldiers of Hogwarts! The battle belongs to us.

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