Warehouse 13: The Truth Hurts


by Ashley Binion

It’s been a habit of Warehouse 13‘s over the years to have a solid season premiere, a few episodes that drag in the middle, and an action packed penultimate and season finale. This season followed the same pattern and delivered with an exciting final episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Previously on Warehouse 13: Charlotte died after Paracelsus (who was once a warehouse caretaker) made her, the Count, and their son mortal again. The gang’s new addition to the team, the one they thought was a shrink? Yeah, not so much. Abigail turned out to be the building’s “keeper.”

Sometimes the series relies too heavily on big budget action and is hurt because of the less than stellar green screen technology. However, this episode focused mostly on the relationships between the characters.

For example, Pete and Myka’s discussions about her cancer treatment and the bombshell that Claudia’s sister is still alive were heavily focused on the character’s dynamic. Oh, and the best part, she is an enemy of the warehouse. Those few scenes had tons of emotional weight behind them.

Ever since Myka told Pete about her diagnosis, they have had a couple of quality emotional moments. It is hard to have those moments with Pete, as he is constantly cracking jokes, but in this episode it was nice to see him having such a hard time with what his partner was going through. He has abandonment issues and is afraid that his friend will leave him.

Capturing Paracelsus halfway through the episode seemed way too easy and too convenient. But don’t worry, he made himself immortal before they captured him. Once he was secured in the place of endless wonder, the former caretaker preyed on Pete’s weak emotional state and manipulated him into freeing him.

Following Paracelsus’ directions? Not one of Pete’s finest moments. The guy is a mad scientist; of course he was going to make a concoction that set himself free. Once it went down, you could tell Pete had tons of remorse building inside. He essentially handed over the warehouse to the former caretaker and sealed Mrs. Fredric’s fate.

To save her life, Claudia disconnected her from the warehouse. Believing the building would keep her safe, she bid her friends adieu and went to battle the big bad.

Pulling a bait and switch with this season’s big bad was impressive. Up until the previous episode, the big baddies were the immortal family of three. By making the trio the victims of Paracelsus’ terror created sympathy with the audience and an instant dislike for the mad scientist. It didn’t help that his mere existence was causing Mrs. Fredric to waste away.

Who is Claudia’s sister? How will Claudia fair against Paracelsus? What will be Myka’s fate?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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