Warehouse 13: The Living and the Dead


by Ashley Binion

After a few months of hiatus, Warehouse 13 returned with its second half of season four. It was worth the wait with the return of Leena and phenomenal guest stars like James Marsters and Polly Walker.

The mid-season finale ended with Claudia stabbing Artie to save him from the evilness inside himself and the Chinese Orchid released a sweating sickness into the world.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Who doesn’t like a good plague storyline? The story dropped the viewer right in the middle of the situation with a countdown to the first mortalities. Throughout the episode, the countdown continued along with updates from a news station. It could have been really corny, but it played well trying to convey the confusion and direness of the situation. It was fun to see Vanessa in one the news reports as a CDC consultant.

Of course, Myka and Pete were tasked with saving the world, while Claudia and Steve had to save Artie.

Claudia and Steve dove into Artie’s mind, which ended up being a replica of the warehouse, where the audience was treated with appearances of Vanessa and James MacPherson. Artie tried to convince the computer genius that he needed to stay, so he could just disappear and not remember what he did to Leena. Eventually, Claudia saved Artie by pushing him through a door and out of his mind.

James Marsters did a fantastic job and brought Professor Sutton/The Count to life. It was nice to see him play a less serious character than his other ones like Buffy‘s Spike and Smallville‘s Braniac. Besides that, the relationship between the immortal ex-husband and wife was an entertaining one to watch.

Can I just say that the guy is, what, 500 years old, and for Myka and Pete to believe he hasn’t died in all that time was a little far-fetched. A throwback to his Buffy days came in a line from Pete to Sutton: “Are you like a vampire or something?”

Sure, the solution to saving the world was too simple and a little anti-climactic, but I can forgive that because Artie’s guilt storyline was meant to carry the emotional weight of the episode.

As the season continues, I expect more fallout from Leena’s death. As it turns out, the Count didn’t die and stole a diamond from his ex-wife. The hook of the episode will be a jumping off point for the rest of the season: a feuding husband and wife. I can’t wait to have the two back for some more fun.

What did you think of mid-season premiere? Are you looking forward to more from James Marsters and Polly Walker?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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