Warehouse 13: The Big Snag


by Ashley Binion

Who doesn’t like a good noir episode? The writers did a fantastic job on providing some twist and turns along the way, keeping it far from cliché.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

“The Big Snag” began with Myka and Pete doing some Warehouse cleaning and maintenance. Of course, it went awry and they were transported back into the 1940s. But instead of actually time-traveling, they were stuck in one of Anthony Bishop’s (Enrico Colantoni) novels.

The only way for them to escape from the black-and-white novel was to find the killer and to snag the jade elephant. But while on their investigation, they stumbled upon Bishop who was also stuck in the novel. Except he had no intention of leaving. He wanted to stay inside the novel because one of the characters was inspired by his late wife.

Like every other episode, they succeeded and were able to finish the novel. Is it just me or was it somewhat disconcerting that Claudia, Jinks, and Artie never realized they were missing or that they could have been in trouble?

It was a nice change that Secret Service duo was able to solve the crime without relying and using modern technology or Claudia. Instead, they used Pete’s love for films and Myka’s love for books to solve the case.

Meanwhile, in our world, Jinks and Claudia decided it was time for Artie to snap out of his post-Leena funk. So, they conned him into going with them on a ping.

The ping was about classic, one-of-a-kind cars going missing. The trio went to investigate. It was plain to see that Claudia is trying to rush Artie’s healing and grieving process from killing Leena. This came back and manifested itself in the mission. Throughout the mission, Artie was reckless and willing to sacrifice himself instead of another team member.

Former car stuntman Carey Loftin’s gloves were the artifacts enabling the thief to steal the cars. After some hiccups and playful banter, the trio was able to snag and bag the artifact.

Like the previous episode, the writers played a little with the teams. For a couple of scenes, it was just Jinks and Artie, which rarely happens. It gives the show a fresh and different dynamic that is most welcome.

The final scene was revealing, as Jinks was asked to watch Artie. He relayed his disturbing findings to the Regents. It looks as if the Regents will be taking action and will find a way to deal with Artie.

What did you think of the noir episode? What measures will the Regents take?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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