Warehouse 13: Sky’s the Limit


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

A replacement for Leena was provided by the Regents. Abigail was sent to take over the bed and breakfast and to be a therapist to Artie. By having someone new talk to Artie about his guilt over killing Leena, it gave the show a breath of fresh air. Artie was shutting everyone out, so this gives him a better chance to work through his feelings.

Also, Abigail didn’t seem to budge when Artie was being difficult. Their future scenes should be a fun tug of war match.

The team was split into two pairs to track down different artifacts. Jinks and Claudia were sent to England to investigate jockeys that had fallen into comas, while Pete and Myka were sent to Las Vegas to investigate people falling from the sky.

The younger duo discovered a stable boy was putting Sitting Bull’s riding blanket on the horses in order to punish the jockeys from mistreating the race horses. Their scenes felt more like an afterthought in the episode. It was as if the writers needed Jinks and Claudia to do something, so they put in this investigation.

On the other hand, Pete and Myka’s investigation took up a good amount of the episode. The granddaughter of an aging magician was using Cupertino’s medal to levitate anyone she chose. The side effect: the next time she used the medal, the last person she levitated would float away. Of course, Pete was levitated at a show and was in danger of flying away.

Pete’s stroke of competency from “The Big Snag” vanished in this episode. I mean, he fell for Myka telling him she hid cookies in the glove compartment. Really? Is he four?

Charlotte, the Count’s former wife, reappeared in this episode. She was last seen in the season finale bickering with her ex-husband and discovering he stole something of value to her.

I was somewhat confused as to what Charlotte was doing. First she showed up at the warehouse and was on the phone with someone and said she knew “how to get to him.” Later in the episode she popped up at the race track where Claudia and Jinks were investigating the jockeys. But after interacting with an unaware Claudia, she sent a text saying she was the target.

It sounds like she is trying to get to someone through hurting Claudia. Could it be someone from the Warehouse team like Artie or Jinks? Or could Charlotte be trying to get to the geniuses’ older brother, Joshua? Hopefully it’s the latter because the show could always use more Joshua.

And does anybody have any idea what that bolt of lightning was? At first I thought it was because Charlotte is now targeting Claudia, but how could a random lightning bolt get in the locked down Warehouse?

On another note, Warehouse 13 was renewed for a fifth and final season last week. How do you want the series to end?

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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