Warehouse 13: Runaway


by Ashley Binion

After the last episode’s wrap up of HG Wells, “Runaway” featured a cameo from Cherie Currie, Claudia turning twenty-one, and was heavily focused on former ATF agent Jinks.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Hey, look! Jinks finally made it outside of the Warehouse! Of course, it was only because the episode was mostly focused on his character and his past relationship with an ex, but I’ll take it. Actually, the whole team ventured outside of the Warehouse.

Myka, Jinks, and Pete were sent packing to Arkansas were they were tasked with tracking down escaped prisoners. Usually I don’t complain about Warehouse 13‘s CGI because I have come to terms with the hit and miss of it all, but I have to say the lava in both the earlier and latter scenes were pretty horrendous.

While there, Jinks ran into an ex, who happened to be a US Marshall. Even though Jinks claimed Liam dumped him, they had never actually broken up. In all fairness to Liam, I guess it would be hard to date a human lie detector. At the end of the episode (after successfully snagging and bagging the artifact), they talked through their feelings and said goodbye. I expect to see Liam back at some point before the series finale.

Claudia and Artie had their own mini case when he was whammied with an artifact trying to plan her 21st birthday party. He accidentally activated Beethoven’s alarm clock, sending him into hearing all of the artist’s works. Before going deaf they snagged and bagged the missing piece to the artifact. All the while, they discussed the young genius’ birthday. Much of their disagreement was focused on how he treats her like a little girl. He continues to see her as the little girl he saved years ago, but she has quickly grown up into this world saving tech mastermind.

Eventually he came around and surprised her with a duet from Cherie Currie, lead singer of The Runaways.

On a random note, the product placement and integration in this episode was a little obnoxious. Other series like Chuck and Community have done it well in the past by trying to slip it in subtly, but this was way too much and way over the top.

“Runaway” felt like more of a stand-alone episode than anything else. It was fantastic to learn a little bit more about Jinks, but for some reason I felt bored with the cases. Especially how unrealistic the lava scene at the end of the episode was, there is no way any of that would have been able to happen without getting burned or dying.

One of the strengths of the first half of this season’s Warehouse 13 was the ability to have an overarching storyline interwoven with their typical case-of-the-week. However, so far this half of the season there has been little connectivity with their “big bad” (the feuding husband and wife played by James Marsters and Polly Walker) they set up in the midseason premiere.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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