Warehouse 13: Lost and Found


by Ashley Binion

After a few episodes of the major storyline not moving forward, or even being acknowledged, this episode kicked it into high gear. So much happened in the episode that it felt like a penultimate episode for the season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Previously on Warehouse 13: Claudia befriended Nick, a boy who was whammied by an artifact, and brought him back to the bed and breakfast. After undergoing her yearly physical, Myka was given news that she might have ovarian cancer.

She came to grips with the prognosis during the episode while searching for lost Warehouse 13 artifacts with Charlotte and her henchman. If Myka was trying to keep the secret that she could have cancer, she wasn’t doing a good job at it. Her freak-out toward the end of the episode, when Charlotte was discussing immortality, was what sent her over the edge to confide in Pete.

After some duplicity between the two parties Charlotte stole an artifact, the Philosopher’s Stone, from a Warehouse 12 crate. I’m so glad the smoke monster from Lost was able to find work after the series ended, because it has to be a hard knock life for a black ball of smoke. There was a slight snag since only half of the stone was there, so it looks like the Warehouse team will help her hunt down the second half of the stone in coming episodes.

Her character has done a complete turnaround, from being the shady villain who wanted to infiltrate the Warehouse to a mom trying to save her son, Nick, who Claudia befriended in the previous episode, from immortality and give him a better life. Is she really only after being mortal, or is there more to her story?

Nick went on his own crime spree around the Warehouse. He duped both Claudia and Jinks and learned how to use the bronzer along the way. Hey, look! Do my eyes deceive me? Do I see another former Buffy actor? Anthony Head guest-starred this episode as a bronzed villain named Paracelsus. He knew Nick, so this man might have some kind of connection to why he, his mom, and the Count are immortal. After he escaped, they bronzed Claudia.

Poor Nick, I couldn’t even imagine being stuck at puberty my whole life. That has to be the worst possible age to be immortal at because even though you’re technically 500 years old, you aren’t really legal to do anything (And, who really wants to be stuck in high school their whole life?).

Would you want to be immortal? What do you think Nick is up to? Why do you think Paracelsus was bronzed?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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