Warehouse 13: Instinct


by Ashley Binion

This episode touted the return of H.G. Wells, and it didn’t disappoint. The character is an extremely popular one in the Warehouse 13 universe, especially her relationship with Myka, and in this episode she got a proper send off.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The last time the audience saw the famous science fiction writer was when she was tasked with holding onto the astrolabe. Now, she is a forensic scientist living the suburban lifestyle under the familiar alias Emily Lake, and in love with a guy who has a child. Can I point out how much Eddie McClintock and Tuc Watkins (who plays H.G. Wells’ boyfriend) look alike? I could totally see the duo playing brothers.

H.G. comes across a possible artifact-related case, so naturally she calls the Warehouse team. Pete and Myka team up with H.G. to hunt down the artifact that was turning people into primal aggressors. They eventually snagged and bagged it, a jaw bone from a prehistoric hyena that absorbed power and created a primal state of fear in its prey.

Out of all the episodes Jaime Murray has been in, this was the first time there was a Dexter reference. It took some time, but we finally got it. Even though she is on Defiance now, I’m glad she came back to wrap up her character. Some might find her ending a cop out or out of character, but a happy ending is better than no closure at all or her meeting a gruesome end. Of course, the writers left it open for a possibility of more adventures in the future, but for now it’s the ordinary civilian lifestyle for her.

The inner workings of the Warehouse are some of the most interesting aspects of the series, so it’s always a treat when the show lets the audience in on its secrets. It was always a mystery how the Warehouse is so vast and how it was kept invisible from prying eyes, especially because it was built into a mountain, but this episode gave us some answers.

First, the Warehouse is kept cloaked by a device called F.I.S.H, which kind of looked like an alien spaceship. It takes a real-time scan of the building and hides it from aerial detection. Second, the Warehouse expands automatically to make room for artifacts. The technology was built by none other than Albert Einstein. The expansion joints sucks energy in and matter comes out creating a self- sustaining system of expansion into the mountain. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

The joints became jammed by one of the Transcontinental Railroad spikes, causing energy to build up creating the tremors inside the building.

Abigail quickly became a part of the team by providing a solution to why the building was experiencing earthquake like jolts. Surprisingly, the character is adjusting rather well to the weirdness of the Warehouse. After some resistance, Claudia opened up to the shrink about wanting to become the next caretaker. Meanwhile, the bolts of lightning that began in the last episode, kept hitting Claudia throughout this episode.

The episode had everything that makes an episode of Warehouse 13 great. While it is entertaining to see the globetrotting to find different artifacts, the mythology and the relationships are the show’s heart and soul.

What did you think of H.G. Wells’ send off? Do you think Abigail is a good addition to the Warehouse team?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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