Wake Me Up When September Ends


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Sherlock: End of Season Two

Supernatural: End of Season Eight

Wake me up when September ends, seriously though October is bringing great things with it. The month starts with the ninth season of Supernatural, ends with the long awaited Season Three of Sherlock and is filled with major movies to look out for. Both Supernatural and Sherlock have left their audiences with major cliffhangers so let’s look at a few theories of what is yet to come.


It’s a bit worrying when the main character jumps off a building to his death at the end of a season finale, even more so when you’re at the funeral, but then it just gets confusing when you see him well and alive at his own grave. There never is a dull moment in Sherlock, but what theories have the audiences come up with?

There are two Sherlocks: One evil lookalike that is working with Moriarty (who jumped off the building) and the real Sherlock who is alive.

Mycroft was in on it and worked with Sherlock to plant an idea in Moriarty’s mind that they both prepared for before Moriarty showed up. But how, what, why, when, what, what, what?

A Sherlock mask was put on Moriarty’s body. But why would Sherlock carry around a mask of his face? Unless he saw it coming, which is possible.

The guy on the bike at the end is Sherlock. But what happened to Moriarty and what happened up on that roof? This could be part of the greater scheme of things.

Molly helped Sherlock fake his own death. He did ask for her help earlier in the episode, but how did she do it?

The mannequin seen in Sherlock’s apartment was the body that fell off the roof. Sherlock was the one to suggest their meeting location so he could have set it up to his advantage with props such as the mannequin.

In an interview, James Moffat stated that fans have missed one vital clue; “Sherlock did something that was very out of character, but which nobody has picked up on.” The thing that stands out to me is Sherlock asking for Molly’s help. When does Sherlock Holmes ever ask for anyone’s help?


At the end of Season Eight we were left with Castiel wingless, Sam almost lifeless, and every angel in heaven falling from the sky. Well, whispers throughout the internet have hinted that we will be seeing more of previous characters such as the Ghostfacers, Gabriel and… wait for it, Bobby Singer. I do not know how or why Bobby is coming back but here are a few theories:

Bobby fell when the angels did; maybe he hitched a ride.

Bobby is going to be Sam and Dean’s wingman from Heaven to keep an eye on Metatron.

Bobby will be reincarnated as someone else to help the Winchesters.

The secret bunker Sam and Dean live in will have some sort of bringing-back-to-life spell and they’ll use it on Bobby.

There have been two sides to the argument of whether or not we need Bobby back. Fans are arguing that they miss Bobby and the show needs a few “balls” and “idjits” thrown around. Others are arguing that Bobby had such a great sending off that it wouldn’t be the same if he was plucked out of heaven to help the boys. But with Garth hardly in the picture in Season Eight, we’re going to need some sort of Bobby around, even an astroprojection would be comforting.

As for Gabriel and his reappearance, audiences are extremely confused. In Hammer of the Gods Lucifer killed Gabriel with an angel blade. Now this begs the question; what happens to angels when they die? Do they go to heaven or do they just cease to exist? Castiel has died many-a-time, but how he was brought back has never been fully explained. Gabriel is a welcome addition to Season Nine as Richard Speight Jr. brought a sense of spunk and fun to Supernatural with some of the series’ best episodes including ‘Changing Channels’ and ‘Mystery Spot’.

Either way October needs to get here soon so that all theories may be put to rest and all questions answered.

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