VG Review: Zombies, RUN!


By Beth Sass

One of the most important things in surviving the zombie apocalypse is being in shape. Is there any better way to do that then adding zombies to your workout routine?

The Zombies, Run! app can do just that. It will motivate you to start running, get you to love running and even help you train for the real thing while adding a gaming aspect to it.

What makes this app different than any other running app? Well, Zombies, Run! is an interactive story based running app. It gets you running to find ammo, medicine and other supplies while avoiding zombies to add a little extra zest to what is typically a standard little run.

It all begins like any other app. You put on your running shows, plug in your headphones, start your playlist and you are off. It seems like just another run. Randomly throughout your run, the music will cut to audio messages and radio broadcasts that add to the experience. A zombie chase mode forces you to pick up the pace and outrun zombies. In between these zombie chases you pick up supplies to bring back to your home base.

When you are done with run and cooling off you, the app allows your to examine what you collected on your run. You make it back to your home base. Here you can give medicine to the doctors, hand over ammo to soldiers and increase the size of your base. The more you do, the more missions you can play and the further into the story you get.

Each run brings a new mission. But there is one common goal…escape the zombies!

Personally, I have never been the kind of person who will just go for a run. I have tried a variety of running apps, many of which are very helpful in recording paces and timing runs, but what I have still been looking for is something to motivate me.

With this app, running has never been so fun. And I feel like I could even survive on The Walking Dead.

Zombies, Run! will give you all the motivation you need to start training for the zombie apocalypse. After all the running you will be physically and mentally prepared for the real thing (Well, maybe. There may been a little more needed, but at least you’ll be ready to recognize what it sounds like when a zombie is fast approaching from behind you!)

The app is available for the iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Windows phone. The game works anywhere from the beach, a park, your street, trails or even a treadmill at any speed from walking to jogging to running. And while the app is a little on the expensive side, coming in at $8, it’s well worth the price.

But no matter where you are or how fast you are going, when you hear a zombie mob “behind you” in your headphones all you want to do is….RUN!

For more tips to survive your journey during the zombie apocalypse click here.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars


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  1. JeanneAugust 22nd, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Now were have I seen that running man before. oh i know it looks just like the nerd herd from Chuck. without the suit case. I LOVE IT!! It’s AWESOME!!!!!

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