Versus: The Punisher vs Dog the Bounty Hunter


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What is Versus? Versus is a 26 Character Single Elimination Bracket. We will feature a new pairing each week till we reach the ultimate champion!

The Punisher

An ex-marine, Frank Castle is a one-man army, a killing machine of epic proportions. His military expertise and proficiency with just about any weapon or battle scenario you could think of make him a soldier with  few equals. Gathering intelligence, mapping out the perfect plan of  attack, there seems to be no end in sigh to the Punisher’s ever-rising  body count.

Perhaps his only real weakness, his unwavering dedication to his war on crime often results with the Punisher facing off against superheroes  such as Spider-Man, Daredevil and Captain America, who disagree with his deadly methods.

Noted Escape
Near the beginning of the latest run of The Punisher, Frank plummets straight out of the sky after a mid-air fight with the newest  Vulture. Falling multiple stories and landing in a dumpster, he is  bruised and bloody but still very much alive.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

He has the strength of faith, brah! With God on his side, how could Dog ever lose? In addition to his unwavering sense of spirituality, Duane  “Dog” Chapman always has backup on his side, providing extra safety in  numbers.

Dog captures his prey alive, and doesn’t kill. His non-lethal means of  attack are obviously nowhere near as frightening or permanent as justice served from the barrel of a gun, meaning criminals are more likely to  want to fight back.

Noted Escape
Dog has escaped modern fashion.

Who will take the winners bracket and make their way to the top? The choice is yours!

Punisher vs Dog the Bounty Hunter

  • Punisher (86%, 73 Votes)
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter (14%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 85

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  1. marcusMarch 12th, 2013 at 2:22 am

    Please, the Punisher all the way.

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