Unpacking The Official Wonder Woman Origins Trailer


By: Karen Valenzuela (@VictoriaNoir89)

It’s official. The cast and crew of Wonder Woman are a bunch of teases.

They spent the past few days releasing new images from the film and a new poster. Then Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, tweeted a video in which she hints at the release of something else – though she didn’t say what. Then the official Twitter page for the film flat-out said they were releasing a third trailer on Saturday!! We all rejoiced. Saturday came and went, so…

First thing’s first: Wow.

A lot to unpack, right?

Of course, this is the first trailer to really give us a look at Diana’s origin story, which presumably will take up the first act of the film. There will probably be an explanation of the Amazons and how they were created by Zeus to protect mankind from the jealous god Ares, as well as an explanation for why they’re now hiding on the paradise island Themyscira, away from mankind.

We see itty bitty Diana, being told the story of the Amazons by her mother, Queen Hippolyta. And we’re privy to the first time Diana is shown the Godkiller sword. Her mother tells her only the fiercest among the Amazons can wield it. “And that is not you, Diana.” Itty bitty Diana’s face when her mom tells her she can’t have the Godkiller sword is priceless, by the way. (It will be mine. Oh, yes…it will be mine.)

There’s a scene with Diana being trained by her fierce warrior aunt, General Antiope. And we see Diana’s gauntlets in action. (Wondie power stance! Tight!)

ww pic 1

Elena Anaya’s character is Dr. Maru, a recurring enemy of Wonder Woman in the comics more commonly known as Doctor Poison. She’s an expert with toxins and poisons. In the comics, she disguised herself as a man to lead a Nazi spy ring against the U.S. military and used specific poisons to do so. Maru is seen with a mask and head covering in the trailer, a potential throwback to her original look. (Also we’re going to pretend I didn’t theorize she was Elena von Gunther a few Wondie articles ago. Shhh nobody’s perfect.)

David Thewlis was recently confirmed – or perhaps he’s still just HEAVILY RUMORED – as Ares, the film’s main antagonist. BUT he’s also been tagged as Sir Patrick Morgan, an advocate for peace on the war council for the Allies. WHAT IS THE TRUTH? Is Ares masquerading as a human? Worse, is he pretending to be an advocate for peace whilst secretly fueling and promoting the war? That’s messed up!!!

This trailer also continues the whole fish-out-of-water trope with Diana in man’s world, and it’s still amusing and incredibly charming. She tries to walk through a revolving door with her shield and Godkiller sword and gets stuck. We’ve all been there. I know I always get stuck when I walk through revolving doors with my sword.

Oh, and Wonder Woman throws an armored vehicle. That happens!!!!

The most interesting thing in this new trailer, which is different from the first two, involves the relationship between Diana and Steve. There’s much more of a nuanced and symbolic parallel of the two characters here. (Perhaps, shades of “Wonder Woman: Year One”?)

ww pic 2

For instance, the transition from Steve Trevor surging forward on a motorbike to Diana surging forward on her knees to attack an Axis soldier is beautifully seamless. Almost like it was done…on purpose? Hm. Then there’s the scene with Diana shielding herself from bullets on the battlefield, which is followed by Steve flying his plane into enemy territory; both of them are fighting the good fight in different ways. The first two trailers show them dancing in the snow, moving in close for what might be a kiss. (Stiana? Diasteve???) And while we see that scene in this trailer, as well, the addition of these other scenes that connect Diana and Steve make that relationship much deeper and more meaningful than a simple romance. They’re both warriors for good and outsiders, which makes for a beautiful partnership, doesn’t it?

I’m also thinking they’re going with the origin story that Diana is Zeus’ daughter (like in New 52), not created from clay like some of the other origin stories. We hear Hippolyta say “She must never know the truth about what she is.” Is she half god? And that last bit when she puts her gauntlets together (Wondie power pose!!!), the lightning almost seems to be coming from HER. The gauntlets, the Godkiller sword, even the armor she steals from Themyscira – all of it was gifted to the Amazons by Zeus, but was it meant for his daughter? Also, remember that scene in Batman v Superman when Lex Luthor does his existential blah-blah-blah about Zeus at the party? We see Diana in the audience rolling her eyes like “You don’t even know my dad.” Just a theory, and we won’t know for sure until June…

So, basically…can it be June yet?


Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2, 2017 and stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, and David Thewlis.

Excited? Have some theories of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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