Toy Review: Ghostbusters Blind Bag Assortment


By Billy Fulton
Last year with the release of the new Ghostbusters, we hit peak Ghostbusters merchandising. There were special boxes, new action figures, apparel, Ecto Coolers came back into our lives, and Hostess even released Key Lime flavored Slime Twinkies. For the first time in my 30 years of Ghostbusters fandom, I was exhausted.
It was nice to have a little break following the Blu-ray release, but the break is over Ghostbuster fans! Cryptozoic Entertainment have released a fantastic set of blind bag mini-figures to collect and cherish.
There’s some small bits of info you need to know before I describe the individual figures and their designs. First, this set is big, 15 figures, and covers characters from both the original and new movies. Second, these are modeled after the IDW Ghostbusters comic series, which Cryptozoic also used to model their Ghostbusters board game. If you are looking for a movie movie-like set of figures, this may not be for you.
I was obsessed beyond the capacity for rational thought from the moment I ripped into bag number one, which happened to be, in my opinion, the worst figure of the bunch, Slimer. The only reason there’s anything negative to say about this Slimer, is because of the face on this ugly little spud. It looks like the mouth could be interchangeable, possibly for a variant, but it ends up being distracting for someone who pays close attention to details, like me. I think overall it’s a good figure, but the mouth throws the whole thing off.
The real MVP of the set is the ECTO-1. So much detail in such a small figure! It’s simple, and yes, some details are lacking, but the figure doesn’t need them to be aces. The detail that is there, namely on the top of the vehicle more than makes up for anything it lacks.
As far as the actual Ghostbusters, these figures as so expressive, and convey a lot of personality. The Ray Stanz figure is a real winner, with his signature goggles and trap. As far as the other figures go, I’m a big fan of Key Master, aka Louis Tully. The colander helmet looks great, and the expression on his face is hilarious. I’m a bit bummed that mine has a paint issue, but it’s easily fixable with the right colors. The paint jobs on these figures are very good. Some issues here and there, but with any mass produced figure, you’ll have that.
key master
The figure stands 1.75 inches tall, hard plastic, and detailed just enough. I do wish the Proton Packs had a little more detail, but I think that is being nitpicky. You can pick these up for $3.99 each from your local shop, assuming you’re lucky enough to have a store that has them. I haven’t seen them on Amazon yet, but I assume they should pop up in the next month or so. Much like the private sector, Ghostbusters fans expect results from the collectibles, and these deliver. Oh, and when you do get some of these, if you run across an extra Egon, let me know!

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