Top Nerdy Ten: Typeface Edition


By Rachel Cheng, (@iamrachel)

I’m not afraid to admit that I am a self-proclaimed typeface junkie nerd/diva (I use both interchangeably). I’m all about typefaces. Family/friends, sea salt dark chocolate, then typefaces (I have issues, I am aware of this). And while I could go into a dissertation on the difference between fonts and typefaces (I’ll spare you lecture but if you are interested, awesome article done by Fast Code Design), but that is not what we’re counting down. This week’s Top Nerdy Ten… My favourite typefaces!

10. Plantagenet Cherokee


I have a soft spot for serifed typefaces. I find the serifs comforting. A cozy warm blanket for my eyes. I need to come up with better analogies.

9. HaloHandletter


Pretty and unasuming. The script font that doesn’t scream ‘tacky wedding invitation’.

8. Steelfish


If you need a typeface that demands attention, go with Steelfish. It’s bold without being too in your face.

7. Wisdom Script AI


Normally script typefaces are dainty but Wisdom Script is pretty and has substance.

6. Gill Sans MT


I find sans serif fonts to be rather boring, but I’ll make an exception (or two). Gill and I go way back. I used this font throughout my university career. We are best buddies.

5. Roehampton


If you’re going to do a condensed, pseudo all caps typeface, Roehampton is the perfect choice. There’s something sophisticated about it.

4. Lavanderia


The swoosh on the capital letters. I’m all about the swooshes!

3. Tw Cen MT


My go-to design font. I use this as my sans serif body text. Good ole reliable Tw Cen MT or as I like to call is Twenty Cent Mountain (I am so weird).

2. Palatino Linotype


When it comes to serif typefaces, this one is one of the best. It’s the infinitely cooler cousin of Times New Roman.

And my Number 1 type face is… COMIC SANS! Psych!

1. Garamond


Classic. Beautiful. Just the perfect typeface.

Do you have a favourite typeface? Do you have a favourite font? Are you slightly weirded out that there are people out there that are obsessed delightfully nerdy about either one? Let me know in the comments section 😉 I will now leave you with Creative Market‘s own delightful TNT list, showcasing “Fonts That Designers Love To Hate” (and by font I’m sure they meant typeface). Enjoy!

‘Til next time,


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  1. JayneSeptember 28th, 2015 at 6:43 am

    When I saw the heading on this I assumed it was going to be by Roni, I hadn’t you pegged as a typeface nerd Rachel!! But … thanks for the link distinguishing the difference between typeface & font .. I didn’t know there was one. I mostly use Calibri at work, I don’t know why though!
    By the way, i don’t understand all the hate that Comic Sans MS gets …

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