Top Nerdy Ten: Memorable Nerd HQ 2015 Panel Moments


By Rachel Cheng, @iamrachel

The journey home from San Diego may have been difficult (the post-con blues, the struggle is real) but the memories from Nerd HQ live on. Here are my Top Nerdy 10 most memorable moments from this year’s panels!

10. The Supernatural unicorn
The clip truly speaks for itself.

9. Scott Porter’s electric guitar and beatboxing

A cappella? Star Search?! Even his fellow panelists were surprised and impressed. Porter has skills.

8. Sitting in Captain Kirk’s lap
Not just one, but two lucky nerds got to ask their questions whilst sitting in the lap of the William Shatner. That’s one way to make an HQ debut.

7. The best thing about being a nerd

Nerds of Pop Culture was one of my favourite new panels. I couldn’t agree more with Bobak Ferdowsi’s observation about nerds being “optimistic”. Being a nerd is awesome!

6. Nolan North’s Christopher Walken impersonation

When Alan Tudyk asks you to dance, you dance.

5. Stephen Amell’s remix of “Part of Your World”

Amell once again proves that the shower is where all the best song ideas happen. Someone get that man a dinglehopper.

4. Hayley Atwell’s life changing fan encounters
Television definitely can leave an impact on people and stories shared by Atwell are incredibly moving. She is such a class act.

3. Peter Capaldi crashes the Doctor Who panel

The Doctor himself made a surprise appearance at HQ. Luckily he had the TARDIS available to make it on time.

2. Zac Levi’s Operation Smile mission story

Bill and Kathy McGee are such incredibly inspiring people. I recommend watching this entire panel from beginning to end. Spoiler alert: have a box of tissues handy, an extra one wouldn’t be a bad idea.

1. Bryan Cranston’s mic drop

It was the mic drop of all mic drops. And Cranston literally dropped his mic. Only at HQ, folks.

And that’s a wrap! Hope to see all of you lovely nerds at Nerd HQ 2016.

‘Til next time,



  1. JaimeJuly 27th, 2015 at 5:39 pm

    Yes….a thousand times yes….a million times yes!

  2. JayneJuly 28th, 2015 at 8:48 am

    I was watching the live steams, and agree with all of these Rachel, a great selection! I have only a couple of panels to catch up on for 2015, but I managed to see all of this top 10 list either on the live stream, or shortly after!
    Thanks TNM and IGN for live streaming for those of us who couldn’t make it to California this year (hopefully next year!)

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