To Tell the Truth Review: Episodes 6 and 7


By Brandon Parnes


The Anthony Anderson-hosted revival of the classic game show To Tell the Truth aired their sixth and seventh episodes of their second season back-to-back Sunday night on ABC. Each show features four celebrity panelists, who are competing against each other, trying to figure out who is telling the truth out of three people who seem to share an interesting claim. The panelist who has lowest score at the end of the show has to have an embarrassing lie tweeted about them that they can’t delete for 24 hours.


Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 6

Celebrity panelists for this episode included comedian and star of “The Office” Craig Robinson, singer/songwriter Rachel Platten, actress Lauren Ash, and stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias.


The first set of three trying to stump the panel claimed that they were a world record holding professional skydiver named Andy Stumpf. All three gave good answers to the panelists’ questions with Rachel choosing number 2, Craig and Lauren choosing number 3 and Gabriel choosing number 1. In the end though, it was number three that was telling the truth.


Second three sets of twins claimed to be the Ganz twins, who opened a restaurant called “Twins” staffed only by sets of twins. After interrogation, Rachel chose number 1, Gabriel, Lauren and Craig chose number 2 with number two 2 prevailing.


The remaining sets of twins had a story of their own in the “Before You Go” round. The sets of twins are married to each other and have children who are identical twins. The panel unanimously chose couple number 2 after a seeming slip up by couple number 1 after a question posed by Platten gave a true, but misleading answer, because it was couple number 1 whom the claim belongs to.


The next set of three all claimed that they taught Miley Cyrus how to twerk. Question were so-so for me in this final round. After questioning, number two turned out to be the real twerker and Gabriel lost the game having to tweet out the following.


“Most people know my nickname is ‘Fluffy.’ Which is short for ‘Fluffer.’ Which is my other job.”


All in all, this was an so-so episode for me. So-so questions, so-so contestants, so-so panelists.


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Episode 7

Celebrity panelists for this episode included comedians Jamie Kennedy and Natasha Leggero, singer/songwriter Andy Grammer, and comedian and SNL alum Rachel Dratch.


Opening this episode are three people all claiming that they are “the fastest woman alive.” Right off the bat I feel the questions by the panelists were much more inventive and entertaining, like Jamie asking one of the contestants “What is your fastest check out time at Trader Joe’s?”. Natasha, Rachel, Andy and Jamie all picked number 3, with number 1 – who they dismissed early in the questioning for not remembering the name of her coach in high school – prevailing.


Next up are three men claiming to be Jonathan Wolff who composed the theme music for Seinfeld. After being asked what other themes he composed if any, number three claimed to have composed the theme to married with children, which is famously love and marriage by frank sinatra, which was quickly pointed out. Jamie picked one, rachel picked two, andy pick two, natasha picked three. With rachel and andy being correct.


Coming back from break, Andy and Rachel head the leaderboard with one point apiece. Next are three women claiming they survived the famous miracle on the hudson. This round was a little dull for me personally. Andy chose number 2, while the others chose number 3. Number 1 turned out to be telling the truth.


In the “Before You Go” round the remaining contestants claim to be a founding member of Destiny’s Child. This was a fun round with a lot of fun questions. Jamie, Andy and Rachel chose number 3, while Natasha chose number 2 with number 3 turning out to be telling the truth.


The final round had three men claim they were inside the Barney the Dinosaur costume. Both the panelists and contestants had great questions and answers, it was really fun round to watch. Andy, Jamie, and Natasha chose number 1, while Rachel chose number 3. After the break, Rachel turned out to be correct with number 3 telling the truth. In the end, Natasha lost by playing a perfect losing game and had to tweet the following:


“I tell jokes for a living but here’s something that’s not a joke – I didn’t finish 9th grade #HowManyStatesAreThere”


For me, this was a super fun episode.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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