Timeless Recap: The Lost Generation


By Kristen Tracy (@kristenmichele)
Sorry for the delay in getting last week’s recap up. DVR issues. You guys know how it is :/ Anyways, onto our latest adventure!


As the episode opens, Lucy sits with her biological father Benjamín Cahill, who tries to explain her role in Rittenhouse. Turns out, Lucy is part of the blood family. Though we don’t really know what this means, it’s got to be pretty serious right? Anytime someone uses the word “blood” they mean business. Blood oath, blood war, blood gang, blood ties. None of this is pleasant. So, what does being a blood family member mean? Are the Cahills part founders of Rittenhouse? Lucy’s dad tries to comfort her by sympathizing with the fact that Amy is gone, but he assures her that Rittenhouse is doing good. Lucy’s response? She still vows to stop him. Can we talk for a second about how Cahill even knows of Amy’s existence? Even their own mother has no idea who Lucy is, so how is it that her father (who isn’t Amy’s father, by the way) even knows about Amy in the first place? Please don’t tell me we’re venturing into the Twilight Zone here…
While Lucy is dealing with all her daddy drama, Wyatt is chained to a table at an underground black site he was brought to by Agent Christopher who, might I add, is very upset with him. But despite her annoyance with Wyatt’s little joyride, she tells him that she has called one of the best JAG (Judge Advocate General) defense lawyers, but he doesn’t want one. He knows that taking the time machine out without permission was stupid and reckless and he’s willing to accept the consequences for his actions.
At Mason Industries, Lucy tells Rufus and Agent Christopher about the meeting with her dad. Neither of them are too pleased that she met with him without some sort of protection watching her, but Rufus is very angry to learn that the man who’s been threatening him and his family is none other than Lucy’s father. The even worse part? After looking into Cahill, Agent Christopher couldn’t find anything bad about him. Turns out the guy has a squeaky-clean record; he’s a pediatric surgeon. Anyone else doing the whole “what the heck is going on here” thing at this moment? How is it that a guy tied to one of the most destructive organizations in history have a record that clean? Unfortunately, there isn’t any time for the three of them to debate that topic, because Flynn (along with Emma) has jumped to May 21, 1927: Paris – the day Charles Lindbergh completed the first trans-Atlantic flight. Lucy is still frazzled and frantic about her meeting with her father and does not want to go – especially without Wyatt. She must really be out of it because she suggests that they just let Flynn take down Rittenhouse so that all of this can stop. Rufus talks her down however and they agree to go. Agent Christopher then introduces them to Dave Baumgardner (Bam Bam), who fought with Wyatt. Dave has been filled in on everything and will be taking Wyatt’s place on this mission.
In 1927, Flynn, Emma, and Karl are in an open field waiting for Lindbergh’s flight to come through so they can shoot it down. Emma notices the journal (Lucy’s journal!) and asks him what the deal with it is. He doesn’t want to talk about it and we are spared an awkward silence as we hear Lindbergh’s plane coming. Karl has set up the missile and Flynn points it directly at the plane, taking it down by hitting its tail. Lindbergh’s arm is hurt badly but Flynn doesn’t seem to care that much as they basically drag him away. As Lucy, Rufus and Dave land in Paris, they stop some bicyclists to inquire about where the Lindbergh landing will be. The cyclists inform Lucy that the radio is reporting the plane crashed and that Lindbergh didn’t survive. As the time travelers inspect the wreckage, Dave notices the tire marks left by the plane and he knows this means that the plane did not crash, but landed. Immediately, they know that Flynn had something to do with this and most likely now has Lindbergh. As the team continues to inspect the scene, a reporter for the Toronto Star named Ernest Hemingway (yes, that Ernest Hemingway!) approaches them and asks for the scoop. He says he can offer some assistance in finding the place the tobacco Dave just found came from, but he wants the scoop from them in return. Lucy, the literary and history fan that she is, accepts Hemingway’s proposal.
The now-famous author takes the trio to the Dingo Bar, where famous jazz singer and eventual spy for the Allies in World War II was performing. Ernest says that if anyone knows where Lindbergh is, “Josie will.” Rufus is completely star-struck when he sees Josephine. Turns out, the record of hers that his mother had when he was younger got him through some pretty lonely nights (if you know what I mean…). His infatuation with her is noticeable to everyone in the group, as is evidenced by the flirting he begins to do. She says she considers Charles Lindbergh to be a friend and wants to do anything she can to help them find him. Noticing the obvious attraction and chemistry he and Josephine have, Rufus asks that Lucy not mention any of what he just happened. Lucy just smirks and says a faint “mhmm” to him.
Back at Mason Industries, the building has been taken over by a bunch of men in suits. Agent Christopher inquires to Jiya who the men are, but she has no idea; all she knows is that they said they’re in charge now. One of the men introduces himself to Agent Christopher as Jake Neville, NSA. She demands to know why she wasn’t informed of this and he basically told her that after Wyatt stealing the time machine, no one felt she deserved to know. He tells her that she has been relieved of her duties and will be reassigned and then tells her to leave her badge to the facilities.
In Paris, we find out that Flynn is keeping Lindbergh locked up somewhere underground. But his shoulder injury is proving to be more of a hindrance that Flynn anticipated. The pain is causing him to be uncooperative, so Flynn tells Karl and Emma to go get some absinthe since that should help with the pain. So Emma heads off to…you guessed it…the Dingo Bar! At the bar, Lucy is admiring a table where Picasso sits with F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda. As she sits there, Josephine approaches her and tells her that so far no one has recognized the pictures of Flynn or Emma. As Lucy and Josephine continue to talk, they spot Emma leaving the bar with the bottle of absinthe she was sent for, so the team chases her and Karl out into the alley behind the bar. They get involved in a shoot-out with Flynn’s Henchman and Lucy and Rufus are shocked to learn that Dave doesn’t have any modern weaponry because he was told to bring nothing from 2017 with him. Hmmm…sounds a bit weird to me. Why was Dave instructed to not bring a more modern gun with him, when everyone knows Wyatt has been bringing one the entire time? Was someone purposefully trying to sabotage the teams mission? Or was this just back luck for our Time Team? Unfortunately, the lack of modern weaponry proves to be fatal for Bam Bam as he was shot and killed by Karl. So much for the new Wyatt.
Back to 2017 we go. Agent Christopher is visiting Wyatt and telling him about the takeover that just happened at Mason Industries. Wyatt is extremely apologetic because he never intended that his little stunt would get her kicked off her detail. As she’s recounting the story, something isn’t sitting right with Wyatt. He questions as to how the NSA was able to get clearance for so many people so quickly (overnight). The two of them soon realize that this takeover is too organized and has nothing to do with Wyatt; this takeover has been planned for weeks. Oh, and Benjamin Cahill finally admits to Connor Mason that Lucy is his daughter. Let’s just say Mason doesn’t look too pleased at this revelation.
Lucy is incredibly distraught over Dave’s death and believes it is her fault. She wants to go back for his body, but Josephine and Rufus convince her that it’s too risky. When Lucy talks about how they no longer have a soldier, Ernest tells them that he considers himself to be a soldier and he wants to help find Lindbergh. Ok, so maybe his articulation wasn’t that impressive. He was clearly inebriated, but despite attempted protests by both Lucy and Rufus, Hemingway becomes a temporary member of the Time Team. After a tip from Josephine’s friend Claudette (who happens to be a prostitute), they head to an abandoned chateau where Claudette says she saw Emma and Flynn. Almost as soon as they arrive, Hemingway says he feels ill, so Rufus accompanies him outside. Lucy continues to explore, even though she should know by now that you don’t go off on your own when you time travel, and gets taken by Karl, who leads her to Flynn. When Rufus and Ernest come back, they realize Lucy is gone and try to figure out where she may have gone. Hemingway’s suggestion is to drink and that sets Rufus off. The two begin fighting and then decide that Flynn is hiding out in the chateau, but under it instead.
Meanwhile underground, Lucy is upset with Flynn for not telling her the truth behind her involvement in Rittenhouse. He tries to explain that she wouldn’t have believed him and that she needed to discover it for herself. He proceeds to tell her that Lindbergh is Rittenhouse and tells her that he needs to be killed. Instead, Lucy convinces Flynn to let her speak with him because she believes she can convince him to leave Rittenhouse. And convince him she does. Though he initially plays dumb when Lucy mentions Rittenhouse, a spark of recognition flashes across his face when she tells him she’s part of the Cahill family – and he knows that is a blood family. As Rufus and Hemingway bust in to save them and their meeting ends, it appears Charles Lindbergh has agreed to disappear and live the life he wants to live. There is an incredibly awkward run-in with Emma as the four try to escape. But instead of the fight they expect from her, she simply lets them pass. And as she does, Rufus warns her to be careful about trusting Flynn. Lucy, Rufus, and Ernest take Lindbergh back to Josephine Baker and tell him that she is going to help him start over with whatever kind of life he wants.
From one underground bunker to another, Agent Christopher is once again meeting with Wyatt. This time, she is showing him the pictures of Cahill and all the secret meetings that have happened, the fact that he’s the one now controlling Mason Industries and therefore, Lucy and Rufus. And then she drops them bomb on Wyatt: that Cahill is Lucy’s biological father. She shows him a confession that “they” want Wyatt to sign, but she makes it a point to let him know that it is completely his decision whether or not he wishes to do that. She also makes it a point to leave behind a paperclip to help him escape, which is exactly what he does by picking the lock on his handcuffs and then using the paperclip to blow a fuse and cut the power in the building.
When Lucy and Rufus return from Paris, they immediately find out that the NSA has taken over and are interrogated by Agent Neville. When Lucy gets back home, she checks all the history books to see how much everything changed and is surprised to learn that nothing had. Although Lindbergh did originally disappear, he apparently resurfaces only a few weeks later, claims credit for the first trans-Atlantic flight, and continues on to become the horrible Nazi sympathizer that history knows him to be. Just as she receives a call from who we assume is Agent Christopher, Lucy’s mother and stops her. She tries to apologize for not telling Lucy about her father sooner and that although she may not want to talk about it, she encourages her daughter to write her feelings down. She then presents Lucy with a VERY familiar looking journal. Yep that’s right. The same journal Flynn showed Lucy back in the beginning of the season has just been given to her by her mother! But how does that work? How does Flynn have the full journal now when it’s only just been given to her? Did Flynn lie about it being her journal? Does Flynn really think it’s hers but it isn’t? I’m telling you guys, this still feels like we’re heading into Twilight Zone territory. Regardless, I still smell something fishy…
After discovering that Wyatt has escaped, Agent Christopher tells our three favorite time travelers that she has discovered that the NSA agents now in control of Mason Industries are in fact, Rittenhouse. Rufus becomes very panicked and worried because Jiya is still there with them, but Christopher reminds him that is a good thing because they now have someone on their side working on the inside. Wyatt insists that Lucy and Rufus continue with their missions as ordered because he is starting to realize that maybe the whole point of this was not to save Jessica, but was to instead keep Lucy and Rufus safe. And that’s just what he intends to do.
I hope you guys enjoyed this episode! As someone who is obsessed with almost everything having to do with the 1920s, I loved it. But I’m even more excited for the next adventure which puts our team face-to-face with infamous mobster Al Capone! See you then nerds!


“Rittenhouse isn’t a choice; it’s blood.”
“You stole a time machine Wyatt. We can’t exactly throw you in a county jail.”
“She’s the biggest entertainer in the country at the moment. Think Beyoncé 1927. She basically owns Paris.”
“So tell me Chicago…how hard do you blow?”
“That place is going to be crawling with famous people. You think I’m going to miss a chance to meet Picasso?”
“This is the part where Wyatt would say something annoying but he’d be right.”
“First of all, you are a world-class jerk Hemingway.”
“Be careful. Flynn’s not too good at taking care of his pilots.”

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