Timeless Recap: Public Enemy No. 1


By Kristen Tracy (@kristenmichele)
Last week, we saw our favorite trio (plus Agent Christopher) briefly reunited as they try to figure out what their next move in the rebellion against Mason Industries, Garcia Flynn, and Rittenhouse will be.
When the episode opens on a church and we see Flynn sitting in one of the pews, I’m a little confused. A guy like Flynn…in church? Must be a dream, right? Alas it’s not and Flynn really is sitting in a church. And he’s actually looking deflated. He confesses to the priest the he’s beginning to question whether his “job” is even doing any good anymore. So, what’s the deal here? Is Flynn really questioning everything he’s been working for? Or is this just the writer’s way of causing reasonable doubt in the mind of the viewer? Either way, I’m officially intrigued.
At Mason Industries, you can cut the tension with a knife. Everyone is visibly on edge with the recent takeover by NSA agents, excuse me, Rittenhouse. As Jiya sits, looking quite uncomfortable, Rufus comes up behind her, tells her to just do whatever they tell her to do and that everything will be ok, and kisses her on the cheek (awwww). Oh yeah, and he very discreetly slips a burner phone into her pocket without her realizing it; because duh, he’s obviously up to something. Lucy then shows up under the impression that Flynn has jumped again, but no. Agent Neville has other plans. Irritated with the fact that they always seem to be one step behind Flynn, he wants Rufus and Lucy to go May 3, 1962 in Houston, TX. Their mission is to take out a then 17-year-old Maria Thompkins. Thompkins, if you remember, is Flynn’s mother. So let me get this straight. Neville wants two thirds of our favorite time travelers to go back in time to kill an innocent woman so that Flynn is never born? Of course not, he says. He’s brought in a new tactical commander named Caleb Sullivan to pull the trigger for them. Oh, well in that case it’s totally ok…NOT! Seriously?! And the whole “if the loss of this one life could save millions of others” nonsense they’re trying to give? Nope. Not going to happen. That is, until Neville turns around and threatens to charge Rufus and Lucy with aiding and abetting a wanted terrorist. Well I guess that settles that then. Off to Houston Lucy, Rufus, and stone-cold Caleb Sullivan go.
As the three land in Houston and prepare to exit, Rufus spins around and shoots Sullivan with a tranquilizer dart and Lucy quickly grabs his gun. Rufus then quickly blasts them out of there to an abandoned warehouse where Wyatt and Agent Christopher are waiting for them. But Mason Industries know that they’ve jumped again and they can’t figure out where – because Rufus has completely fried their computers. Mason is convinced Jiya had something to do with it, so he tells her to leave immediately and advises Neville that she is not to be trusted. Although Rufus has assured Wyatt, Lucy, and Agent Christopher that he completely messed up the computers, he knows it’s only a matter of time before Mason can get things back up and running again. The lifeboat drains completely after two jumps and it’s going to take four hours for the lifeboat to fully charge. Wyatt tells Lucy that once it’s charged, they’re going to get Amy back. The excitement on Lucy’s face is amazing, but it’s quite clear that they aren’t going to be able to go save her sister when they see that Flynn has jumped to Chicago, March 3, 1931 – and he’s meeting with Al Capone. And despite Lucy’s plea that this may be her only chance to get her sister back, they know they have to go after Flynn first. So much trouble about to go down.
So how does a man like Flynn work his way into Capone’s inner circle so quickly, you ask? I thought the same thing. Flynn shows up, shows them some tax ledgers being used in a tax evasion case against him and a “confession” from his accountant and Capone just takes him at his word? It was honestly one of the only times I’ve ever questioned the continuity of this show. Al Capone was used to being adored by people; the public loved him. So why on earth would such a prominent mob boss so blindly trust some random stranger? Whatever the reason, he did and Flynn helped Capone avoid being arrested for tax evasion, which good old Al makes sure to announce to the city and make a mockery of the Chicago Police Department, including Eliot Ness (played by the amazing Mischa Collins). Our Time Team convinces Ness that they are private investigators who have been sent by William Randall Hurst to dig up information on Flynn, and he agrees to help them track both Capone and Flynn down. As they are hiding out in Ness’s safe-house though, one of Capone’s men show up (presumably because of intel provided by Flynn) and attack the four of them will an assault rifle, killing the “untouchable” Ness.
Meanwhile, Jiya has just discovered the burner phone Rufus slipped in her jacket as he calls her to apologize for all the trouble he’s caused. But as sorry as he is, he needs her to do whatever she can to keep Mason, Neville, and everyone else at Mason Industries distracted as long as possible so they aren’t able to track them. Neville of course, hears Jiya talking and asks her what she was doing. As much as I love Jiya, she hasn’t quite mastered the naïve lie yet. The “NSA” agent soon finds the burner phone and proceeds to lock her in an old storage room…full of a bunch of recycled computer parts. Ok really?? I mean, I’m not rooting for Rittenhouse or anything but how stupid do you have to be to take a techie and lock them in a room full of computer parts?! Does no one else think that is an incredibly idiotic move on their part? Mason and Neville return shortly to inform her that they are unable to track the phone and while Connor urges Jiya to cooperate with them, all she responds with is a sweet “I still have to pee.” Gosh I love her! She then proceeds to MacGyver herself a working computer that allows her to hack into the buildings system and not only crash the computers but shut off power to the entire building and sound the alarms. Mason really has no shot now. I told you guys (or rather, I screamed at the television) it was stupid to lock her in that room, but no one listened.
The team is distraught with trying to figure out how to catch Capone now that Ness is dead, when Lucy has an idea. She takes the team to the home of Richard Hart; whose real name is Jimmy Capone. Yes, as in THAT Capone. Jimmy changed his name when he was younger to distance himself from the drama surrounding the name and became a prohibition agent. The group tells Richard that his brother killed Eliot Ness and they now need his help bringing him in. Hart is reluctant at first, but eventually agrees because he knows he has a duty to protect the public as a federal agent.
So not only does Flynn help Capone, he gets Capone to owe him a few favors. One of those favors? A meeting with the mayor, who just not so coincidentally happens to be a member of Rittenhouse. Charvet told Flynn in Paris about a meeting where all members get together. After a few (ok, many) punches to the gut and face, the mayor tells Flynn that he’s too late and that the meeting happened two years ago (1929 for those keeping track) in Washington D.C. He says that they only happen every 25 years though, so the next one won’t be until 1954. Can anyone guess where we’re going next week??? Flynn leaves to “take care” of the mayor right before Hart and our time travelers show up. Capone is surprisingly happy to see his brother, but no so thrilled when he finds out that he’s a prohibition agent now. Lucy tells Capone that they are looking for Flynn. He confirms Flynn was there, and tells them Flynn told him they might come looking for him. And then he drops a bomb. As a final favor for all the help Flynn provided, Capone promised to kill the “colored fella” because they wouldn’t be able to get home without him. Al draws his weapon and points it at Rufus, Richard draws his and points it at Capone, one of Capone’s henchmen draws and points at Hart and Wyatt points his gun at the henchman. Capone doesn’t think his brother will shoot him, though the look in Hart’s eyes say otherwise. There’s a serious showdown going on right here and it’s obvious it isn’t going to end well for at least one of them. And unfortunately, that one is Rufus. AL CAPONE SHOOTS RUFUS! Hart immediately shoots Capone dead. But Rufus is bad shape folks. He’s bleeding out but insists that if Lucy and Wyatt can get him back to the lifeboat, he can get them home. So get him to the lifeboat they do. And just when it appears that he is going to be able to push a few buttons to get the three of them home, Rufus passes out!
Man oh man guys! We are in for a wild ride in the last episode of the season. Let’s make sure it isn’t the last episode ever! Keep tweeting and posting on all your social media accounts using the hashtag #RenewTimeless!


“I’m asking for absolution.”
“I for one, am sick of waiting for Garcia Flynn to dictate our actions. No more playing defense.”
“So, we just stole a giant piece of top-secret machinery and made ourselves fugitives from the United States government. All good.”
“Pay Mr. Mattingly a visit. Make sure he can’t write any more letters.”
“Letting Flynn murder through time? That’s madness.”
“Okay, a little handsy there; I don’t remember swiping right!”
“Eliot Ness…he can’t be dead. He’s not supposed to die for another 26 years!”
“Hey! Watch where you’re bleeding; that’s an antique.”
“You know what I just realized? We’re totally The Untouchables right now.”

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