Time After Time Episode 3 Recap: Out of Time


By: Racheal Courtney (@rachealsparty)

Last week on Time After Time, we left HG Wells and Jane Walker safe and sound at Vanessa Anders’s very large house, and saddled with a broken time machine. Dr. John Stevenson (AKA Jack the Ripper) has vowed to kill one person every day until he is given the time machine, complete with the key to control the machine’s whereabouts. Also, Creepy Large Man in a Baseball Hat somehow knows something about HG and John and is seriously packing some firearms. Got that? Okay, let’s get started.


John has taken over some random guy’s apartment and his microwavable burritos. The news has dubbed John the Key Killer…because they know he wants the key…I guess cause he wrote it on that mirror. The owner of the apartment comes home to find his roommate dead and John’s knife in his gut. Fun!

Vanessa had the time machine moved to her house and HG has been working on it constantly trying to fix it. HG reveals the power source of the machine, an ancient and rare crystal that focuses waves and light to bend the fabric of time. There’s also some more of that obvious flirting between HG and Jane.

They receive a phone call from John who gives them a deadline of twelve hours to deliver the time machine to a specific location or he’ll kill again. He leaves the apartment where Creepy Large Man is watching him. Vanessa provides a physicist, Mark Scott, to help HG fix the machine and improve it so that it is no longer controlled by the key, but via computer so that they can control its location.

Vanessa’s boyfriend Griffin is running for senate and the two are scheduled for a magazine interview. It is revealed that the two have been dating for two years. Griffin is a military hero and Vanessa is one of the richest philanthropists in the world.

Downstairs, HG, Mark, and Jane test the machine, causing the whole house to shake and putting a sudden end to the interview. Vanessa runs to find out what went wrong, telling Griffin not to follow her. When they tested the machine, they cracked the super special gem that powers the machine, so HG and Jane go on a mission to find a new one.

John goes to a pier where he figures out Creepy Large Man is following him. He evades him and bumps into a woman who he has an immediate connection and attraction. He invites her for a drink. They bond over their medicine practices. She’s a neurologist, he’s a doctor. Match made in heaven. She notes that he has a god complex and he admits feeling guilty about the nasty thoughts that go through his head. She says that there’s nothing wrong with the occasional evil thought and…well, it leads to a trip back to her apartment.

Creepy Large Man goes to visit a woman and we figure out his name is Chad. This woman is his elderly mother and he’s not supposed to visit her because of a man named Sam. But Sam’s out for groceries, so it’s okay. He tells the woman that HG and the Ripper are there and she panics, telling Chad that he has to stop them. Sam returns and Chad leaves, making her promise not to mention that he had visited.

Griffin asks Vanessa to trust him and she’s weary to confide the secrets of time travel to him. She’s afraid he won’t believe her. HG explains to Jane the properties of time travel. That everyone John kills wasn’t supposed to die and that their traveling is tearing apart the fabric of time. Jane brings up destiny and fate and HG admits his feelings for her. But he’s interrupted by her phone. A gemologist named Paul has the stone that they need to replace, so the two head out. Meanwhile, Chad starts his pursuit of HG.

HG and Jane are driven to the museum by Vanessa’s guard, Doug, who waits in the car while the two talk to Paul. Chad is outside, watching them. Paul flirts incessantly with Jane, annoying HG. Jane admits that they went out, but there were no sparks. HG opens up about his ex-wife and how she didn’t understand him.

Griffin convinces Vanessa to tell him what’s going on. She explains HG’s true identity and that the time machine is real. Griffin thinks HG is a fraud, tricking Vanessa for money based off of her preoccupation with HG Wells. Griffin threatens to take care of HG, but Vanessa stops him.

John and the woman have sex at her apartment and she teases John about his intimacy issues, asking him to stay the night. John makes himself a drink and finds her knife drawer, picking one out to do the deed.

Paul finds the right gemstone and conveniently placed in a pretty little box, but when he goes to get the transaction papers, Chad clocks him in the back of the head with his gun and goes after Jane and HG. In a tantalizing chase through a maze of archives, Chad taunts HG, telling him he knows about the time machine and John’s identity as the Ripper. Just as Chad corners them, Doug comes out of nowhere to save the day.

The two are brought back to Vanessa’s house and HG remembers Chad from the day before when he had tried to follow him. HG and Mark replace the stone and fix the machine. To prove she isn’t crazy, Vanessa brings Griffin to see them test the machine’s travel, ending his doubts for good. The test is successful and is no longer controlled by the key.

The group is troubled by John’s lack of contact, but there’s nothing they can do without his location. Jane admits the danger in their quest after their contact with Chad, but she also knows she’s supposed to be with him, helping him with the mission. The two kiss and the machine sparks behind them…get it? Sparks? Too obvious? I thought so, too.

John sets up a phone to film himself killing the woman and, right before he pulls the knife on her, she sticks a syringe in his neck, knocking him out. She takes him to a laboratory of some kind where he awakens strapped to a table. The woman knows his identity as the Ripper. Griffin also makes a phone call, saying that he has contact with Wells and that it’s all true. He has the time machine!

So a lot happened, mainly that all this time travel has affected the show’s present way more than what was let on in the previous two episodes. Everyone seems to know who John and HG are. There are no secrets! But who is Chad? Who is his mother? How and why does Griffin know about all of this? Is he a good guy or a bad guy? And who is that neurologist? There’s a whole lot of ground to cover, so I’ll be back next week with the new episode!

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