Three Can’t-Miss Security Gadgets


By Penn Renner

The future of technology isn’t so murky anymore. We have a decent idea of where we’re headed as social media continues to mature and interconnectivity reigns supreme.

But who’s to say that’s necessarily a good thing? In light of the unceremonious revelations about NSA snooping, citizens of the globe have adopted sundry amounts of skepticism. Should we really be dumping our personal information onto nationwide networks with slim to no understanding of how it will be employed or transmuted?

Sure, it’s alarmist. And a little bit sensationalist. If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say we’ll all be just fine. But there’s no harm in safeguarding your personal information. And for a nerd like me, there’s no better way to do it than with some fancy gizmos.

Here are three can’t-miss items for defending your digital well-being in the new age:

1. Smart Watches. According to, your tweets and posts are precious. Divulging your vacation schedule or even approximate location could be the final piece of a puzzle for a crafty thief. What better way to sync your schedule and protect yourself than with every social network accessible right on your wrist?

Smart watches are the new wave of 2014. Fortunately, many people see their potential use in securing your identity on the go and in real time. About the size of a half dollar, most smart watches should enable you to change personal settings, deactivate location services and manage accounts.

2. Fingerprint readers. Apple did it with the newest iPhone. And while there may still be a few kinks to work out, it’s evident that the security industry is trending in this direction. And of course, it’s a novel idea: everyone has a different chemical makeup, so why not use it to our advantage? Security measures are most effective when they’re tailored to their client.

Custom fingerprint readers are a little pricey in the here and now, but it shouldn’t be long before they’re a reality (or even a necessity) for entryways and commercial buildings.

3. Home Automation. Home automation as we know it has been around since the early part of the decade. However, only recently has it gained so much popularity that nearly everyone is looking to get in on the mix – from behemoths like Apple to tiny, crowd-funded startups you’ve likely never even heard of.

Big or small, home automation is an important development for personal safety. Wireless key locks, thermostat control and temperature alerts can all play a part in maintaining a healthy home and easygoing lifestyle. And from a visual standpoint, the gadgets and appliances that comprise a home automation system are typically pretty sleek.

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