This Week in Obscure Sports – Paper Tube Dueling


By: Carolyn Deas

I’m sure almost everyone at one point in their life has waged an epic battle with friends, siblings, or enemies with the often over looked weapon that is a paper tube. It may have been from wrapping paper, or butcher block paper, or for those who like to laugh in the face of danger, a paper towel roll.
For those of us who miss those days, you needn’t cry any longer.

This week’s obscure sport is paper tube dueling.

Yes, it is a real thing.

The Cardboard Tube Fighting League was started by Robert Easley from Seattle, Washington Robert had childhood memories of hitting friends and family with cardboard tubes in mock sword fights. He came up with the idea of starting regular tournaments around the act of cardboard tube fighting. This idea comes from three beliefs:

  • People need more ways to play and take themselves less seriously.

  • Events can be fun without alcohol.

  • Cardboard sword fighting is fun.

The CTFL is actively trying to bring back the sport that was played by mere children in the past and developing it into a worldwide sport for all ages.

But, with all organized sports, there are rules.

First and foremost – don’t break the tube! In a duel situation, the person that doesn’t break their tube is declared the winner. If both tubes break at the same time, it is called a draw and both duelists lose.
Body slamming and blocking with your arms or legs is frowned up. Only tube on tube action is allowed here folks. Thinking about lunging or stabbing with your tube? Think again! It is strictly forbidden and could disqualify you. Any hits to the face are prohibited. Classy duels only!

Not only can you compete in duels, but battles are also quite popular. Teams of cardboard tube fighters rally together to try and eliminate other teams by breaking their tubes. In a battle, a broken tube is considered one that is completely unraveled or severed completely. The team with the most intact tubes at the end of the battle, wins.

Want to join in?

The Cardboard Tube Fighting league hosts events in Seattle, San Francisco, Oregon, and Sydney, Australia.
For more information, visit their website

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