This Week in Obscure Sports – Ga-ga


By Carolyn Deas


No, I’m not talking about Lady Gaga, but rather the high intensity sport that seems to be taking over the world (or at least every summer camp) one octagonal ring at a time.

Ga-ga, is much like dodgeball; opponents try their best to knock out each out. The only major differences are that you can only hit them below the knees and there is only one ball on the court. The ga-ga pit (as they like to call the ring) can be any size and has surfaces ranging from dirt, to turf, to sand.

The beauty of this game is that is can be played as individuals, on teams, or as a duel.

The rules?

Players can only hit the ball with their hands. Picking up the ball is not allowed as is hitting the ball twice in a row. If the ball touches the player anywhere below the knees, they are eliminated, even if they hit themselves with the ball. Players that are eliminated must get out of the pit without interfering with play.

How do you stay in the match?

You can jump, dodge, or use other people as shields, but you must always remember that you can’t use the wall to assist you with a jump and you can’t pull other players in front of you. If the ball has extended air time (or gets hit out of the pit), other players have permission to ground it and begin play again.

Want to get involved?

Ga-ga is actually becoming a very popular sport! There are ga-ga clubs popping up all over the country and you can even build your own pit in the backyard. Get your friends together and play!

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  1. ShelliApril 9th, 2015 at 11:18 am

    The Awesome Gaga is as old as the hills, heck, it was popular even BEFORE the internet. It’s just that ‘the internets” make everyone “old” seem “new” again!

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