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by theurbanraptor (@theurbanraptor)

Most of you have heard of WonderCon and San Diego Comic Con, but have you been to one? Comic conventions are some of the most magical and exciting things you can ever attend (aside from Disneyland). What do you do if you find yourself at one? I am here to help!

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend WonderCon in Anaheim. It is not as big as San Diego Comic Con (so it could be a good starting point for you to ease yourself into something as big as SDCC) but is very fun. There is so much to do, see and best of all, BUY.



I’ll start with the most basic of necessities, comics. Usually you will find these in grouping of sellers, buyers and insurers (yes you can insure your comics). You want comics, there are tons of them, boxes upon boxes. Some are relatively inexpensive while some are graded, protected and cost a pretty penny.



Cosplay? You mean my dressing up as “The Flash” and running on treadmills at the gym is called something? Comic conventions are full of cosplayers and if you enjoy people watching, or pictures then they make great subjects. Furthermore, cosplay is a really great way to meet some interesting people. Seriously, the next con, ask someone who their character is and why they chose it. Check out our gallery of WonderCon Cosplay here.



You can even spend more of your money by buying limited edition comic book art from art dealers. If the art dealers aren’t your thing, head over to Artist Alley where you can meet some very talented artists and get original pieces at pretty amazing prices. Additionally, famous colorists, artists and actors will usually have a table where you can get something signed.



There isn’t such thing as not enough toys at a Comic Convention. If you have the cash, try to pick up a few “exclusives” as they generally double, triple and sometimes¬†quadruple in price the moment they sell out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself in the butt knowing I could have bought an exclusive toy for 20 dollars only to find it for 80 bucks at the next convention. Aside from exclusives there are tons of custom toys, vinyls, new stuff and some vintage stuff too. Just look at this GI Joe Defiant: Space Vehicle Launch Complex. They were selling it for $3500.00 in box. Holy Empty Wallet Batman!




Usually you will find a few video games that you can play at a Convention. This year some of the main ones were Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and DuckTales Remastered. Additionally, Pikiman 3, Remember Me, Injustice: Gods Among Us and more were featured there.



Along with art and toys you can buy clothing, costumes, custom jewelry, phone cases and memorabilia. One type of item I saw quite a few times was laser-cut (pew pew pew) jewelry and pins.

Honestly, one day at a convention it not enough time to fully experience it, do yourself a favor and next WonderCon, SDCC or any larger convention, buy yourself a 4 day pass. Just make sure to have back up batteries for your phone and camera. Also, wear deodorant.

If you are a con veteran, what are your favorite things about Comic Conventions?

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  1. K.C. MurdockApril 3rd, 2013 at 11:25 am

    Friends! I have friends from around the country and around the world. Many of them I only see once a year or a few times a year at a Comic Con. Every time I go to a Comic Con I walk away with new friends. I love Cosplay, Artist Alley, Games, and Celebrity Row; but it’s all about the people. They are all good people. I have never walked away from a Comic Con and thought to myself “that sucked”. It is always a good time.

    Thanks Nerds.

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