The X-Files Recap: Home Again


By Amy Joy, @amyjoy331


When the homeless get treated like garbage, a figure comes out of the night to avenge them by brutally ripping those who commit the offense to pieces and then retreats in a garbage truck. Mulder and Scully are on the case when a man relocating the homeless is left in pieces in his office.


Well, sort of. Scully has to leave; her mother has had a heart attack. Scully goes to her mother’s side. Mulder stays behind and continues to investigate and finds a band aid on the bottom of his shoe. Mrs. Scully is in a coma but before she drifted off, she asked for Charlie—her youngest and estranged child. The request leaves Scully more than a little heartbroken and confused.


Two people argue (let’s call them School Board Lady and That one Guy) about what to do with the homeless. Mulder points out that neither are really concerned about the homeless people’s welfare. A homeless man chimes in that they have a defender: “The band aid nose guy.”  Mulder notices a graffiti painting on the building, noting that the image is the so called “band aid nose guy.”  He has the band aid analyzed and finds out that the material on it is “not alive, not dead.” Giving us a hint at what monster is lurking.


At the hospital, Scully finds out her mother has changed her medical directive to a DNR, confusing her even more. The B.A.N.G kills two more people.


Mulder goes to check in on Scully. More homeless people are relocated. While Scully ponders the mysteries of what her mother had on her at the time of her heart attack (a pendant with a quarter of unknown significance) the School Board Lady is murdered by the B.A.N.G. Scully’s phone rings and it’s her estranged brother, Charlie. She puts him on speaker so he can talk to their mom. When she hears his voice, Mrs. Scully wakes, tells Mulder and Scully a vague yet poignant statement: “My son was named William too.” Then goes into cardiac arrest and she passes away (*Sobs into tissues*)


Scully, understandably, throws herself into her work. She and Mulder track the paint of the graffiti artist that did the painting near the crime scene. In the building, there are weird, terrifying creatures in the darkness. But Mulder and Scully find Trash Man, the artist behind the graffiti, who tells them everything. The B.A.N.G doing the killing is actually tulpa that he created into being with just his thoughts and clay. As he made it, he filled it with violent anger at those who mistreat the homeless. “An idea is dangerous, even a small one.” Indeed.


TheXFiles_EpisodeStills_10x04_HomeAgain_0006 (1)


The agents go to find the one remaining transgressor, who is at the new shelter for the homeless. Mulder and Scully get there just in time to find his dead body, ripped apart like all the others. The case wraps up from there with no real conclusion. After all: how do you resolve a case where the perpetrator is a manifestation? The Trash Man reforms the clay into a smiley face and abandons the warehouse that he was living. One image of the B.A.N.G remains on the building opposite of the warehouse.




Scully and Mulder sit on logs on a beach (and assumedly Mrs. Scully’s ashes are in the urn by their feet) and talk about William, the mysteries in life that will go unsolved (like her mother’s necklace), and she hopes her son doesn’t think she treated him like trash. Scully actually used the word “we” a lot when it comes to the topic of their son though she was the one that made the decision to give him up to save him. Mulder was on the run from the military at the time.


This episode was a complete tear jerker and frankly incredibly hard for me to watch and write about but it feels like it was important considering the topic of William. William has been a heavy theme throughout the first two episodes so I’m hoping that they reconcile with him before the end.


Now there are only two episodes left!! Anyone else wishing it was more than 6 episodes?


Memorable Quotes:

  • Mulder [to Scully]: “I’m here.”
  • Trash Man: “People treat people like trash.”
  • Scully: “And I want to believe, I need to believe, that we didn’t treat him [William] like trash.”

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