The X-Files Recap: Founder’s Mutation


By Amy Joy, @amyjoy331


The episode kicks off with an up-close shot of the freaky looking eyeball of Dr. Sanjay. A sudden high pitched ringing starts and the poor doctor winces in pain. He goes to a meeting to find out the founder of whatever he was working on wants a “do over.” As the meeting progresses, Sanjay’s hearing and vision begins to distort and his eyes almost look bloody. His gaze is drawn out the window where we see a ton of birds—very Hitchcock. All that the doctor can make out from the talking around him is a very singular message:


“Do it now, it’s necessary, data is the key, don’t hesitate, go now.”


The ringing intensified and poor dude yells “Can anybody hear that?!” Apparently not, judging by all the strange looks he gets. Sanjay apologizes and bolts.


We find Sanjay in a computer room, the words “do it now, data is the key” echoing as he downloads some sort of file. Absorbed in the work, he hears a muffled knocking and his name being called. He’s being told to open the door. Before he can do anything, he collapses from the chair and grabs up a pen, scribbling something into his palm…before he picks up a letter opener and proceeds to jam it in his ear (Ow ow ow) until it pierces his brain.


The file room is now a crime scene and Mulder and Scully are on the case (It’s so good to see them in the field again!) Scully believes it to be suicide. Their brand new investigation hits a snag as the Department of Defense agent whips out the word “Classified”.  Mulder inquires about Dr. Goldman who is apparently the mysterious founder and is met with more resistance. Scully asks the DOD agent about the security camera on the wall and the footage they have. While the guard has his back turned, Mulder digs into Sanjay’s pocket, finds his phone, and upon finding it locked, picks up the dead man’s hand to use his fingerprints.  Smoothest move ever! The guard agrees to send the footage.


Out in the hall, Scully busts Mulder with Sanjay’s phone. Unbothered, Mulder goes through it and finds out Sanjay talked to someone named “Gupta” every night.  Later, Mulder meets Gupta a bar. Some suits are watching them so Mulder proposes they go somewhere else to talk, somewhere private. Gupta is hesitant but leads Mulder into a closet in the back…and promptly drops to his knees and goes for Mulder’s belt (Hello to you too, Gupta!)  Mulder is very confused and Gupta is irritated and rants about how Mulder is repressed and how he no longer is and how he is free. “The truth is in here.” He points to Mulder’s heart.  Before Gupta completely storms out, Mulder tells him that Sanjay is dead. While Mulder is with Gupta, Scully is preparing to do the autopsy on Sanjay. She notices his clenched fist.




Back at the bar, Gupta and Mulder talk. Gupta reveals Sanjay had been distant but they’d still talk every night. Sanjay had been worrying about his kids, had told Gupta they were dying.  Mulder points out the doctor had been single and his apartment had nothing there: “An antiseptic life”. Gupta reveals Sanjay lived two lives, in two places. Their talk is interrupted by Scully, she wants Mulder to come look at what she’s found during the autopsy—there’s a message on his hand. “Founder’s Mutation.”


They decide to go check out the other place Sanjay lived. In the apartment, there are pictures of all of Sanjay’s “kids”—children with deformities that he was trying to help. They notice the police lights flashing outside the window and figure they set off some sort of alarm. Before they can escape, Mulder is assailed by the same ringing Sanjay had been experiencing. The police come in and Scully deals with the cops while Mulder is doubled over in horrendous pain. Like Sanjay, his hearing distorts and all he can make out are: “Find her, help me. Find her…”


Back at FBI HQ, Mulder and Scully are being reprimanded by Skinner and their investigation is closed. That has to be a record, even for them. The medical files they had taken from Sanjay’s apartment leave with the DOD Agent who scolds them. As soon as the agent is gone, Skinner asks if they made copies (I may have cheered out loud) and Mulder confirms he did and informs Skinner he thinks the children were experimented on. Scully backs up Mulder and Skinner laments the inefficiency of government works as he “loses” the paperwork that states their case is closed. “Welcome back, you two.” (Welcome back indeed!)


Down in the basement office, Scully is watching the surveillance footage. She synced all the cameras to the time of Sanjay’s suicide. While they watch the video, Scully asks Mulder what happened back at the apartment. He admits he heard a high pitch and then two words: “Find her.” Scully is concerned because she didn’t hear anything.


On the cameras, Mulder notes birds on the lawn outside. Logical!Scully: freshly seeded lawn, Mulder: Infrasound. Scully tries to connect the dots: the birds, the suicide, the kids, the genetic anomalies. Mulder thinks Goldman is the connection between them all. Scully points out to Mulder that Sanjay had heard the sounds before he committed suicide and following the path to the truth may be dangerous. Mulder is unfazed. “What has that ever stopped us before?”


Scully thinks she knows a way to find Goldman. He is a big donor at her hospital. Scully contacts Sister Mary who is reluctant to help but agrees to make a phone call. While Sister Mary goes to place the call, Mulder and Scully are drawn to a common room by a pregnant young woman named Agnes. She wants to get the hell away from the hospital. Agnes is skittish and she discloses she wants to keep her sick unborn child despite the fact she signed papers to give him up.


Before they can get into further details, Sister Mary reappears and scares off Agnes but not before Mulder gives her his card. The nun brings good news: Goldman will talk to them.  Outside of the hospital, Mulder and Scully get to the topic they’ve been dancing around: their son, William. The fact Scully gave him up for adoption to save him from threats against his life. Scully frets William might have been an experiment and she laments, “What if he’s out there somewhere, like one of those kids on Sanjay’s wall, fighting for his life?” Mulder offers small comfort: “All we can do, Scully, is pull the thread, see what unravels.”


Then Scully has a weird day dream about what could have been with William through the years…ending with him getting sick and looking like an alien. Kind of a morbid for a day dream, honestly. She comforts herself by looking at his baby picture.  The Agents meet with the elusive Dr. Goldman and are trailed by a woman who looks suspiciously like Katy Perry for some odd reason. Dr. Goldman shows them all the children with mutations. Scully wants to know why the kids are all locked up and why the DOD is funding the research. At the end of the hall, a patient named Molly freaks out and appears to be using some sort of telekinesis. Mulder and Scully are quickly ushered out by Katy Perry Sarah. While they’re leaving, Mulder gets a call. Something happened to Agnes. She’s dead—hit by a car–and her baby is gone—surgically removed. There’s no sign of what happened to the baby.


While Scully had done the autopsy on Agnes, Mulder did some digging and found out the Goldman’s wife was committed after being convicted of murdering her baby, whose body was never found. They go to visit Mrs. Goldman, who eventually begins to talk about her daughter, Molly. She knew something was different about her daughter. She was convinced her husband experimented on their daughter and on their unborn son. She fled and got into a car accident.  She heard the loud, piercing noise: she thinks he was communicating the only way he knew how.


They find Kyle Gilligan, a janitor who worked at Sanjay’s work, on the security tapes having a reaction as Sanjay hears the tone. Mulder and Scully go to Kyle’s home and confront his mother, who is in full Mama Bear mode as Mulder pushes her buttons. The birds come and the noise happens. While Mulder is incapacitated, Scully rushes to find Kyle, who is hiding in the barn. They take Kyle into custody and find out Kyle can’t control his powers and he didn’t mean to kill Sanjay, he just wanted to find his sister Molly.


They bring Kyle to the one person who would know where she was. Dr. Goldman, who lays a trap. A fake Molly. Kyle isn’t fooled. He finds the real Molly down the hall and the brother and sister have telepathic communication followed by wonder twin powers that break all the glass to free her from her room. Then they use telekinesis to knock out Mulder and Scully and kill their father in a terribly bloody way. The DOD take over and the brother and sister are gone.


The case officially closes.  Mulder daydreams about William similar to Scully’s. It turns just as morbid; in the end, he sees William being abducted just like his sister Samantha. He comforts himself by also looking at William’s baby picture.


Favorite Moments and Quotes:

  • Mulder’s entire interaction with Gupta
  • Skinner: “Do you have anything to add to this, Agent Scully?”

Scully: “If you look at the files that we found in Dr. Sanjay’s apartment…

Skinner: “No, I can’t look at those.”

Scully: “They’re right over there…

Sister Mary: “Desire is the Devil’s pitchfork.”

Mulder: “You were never ‘just’ anything to me, Scully.”

  • Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought Sarah looked like Katy Perry (and yes, I know it wasn’t actually her, the actress in question was Daniela Dib)


So what are your thoughts fellow X-Philes?

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