The X-Files: Babylon Recap


By Amy Joy, @amyjoy331


It really hit me that there’s only ONE EPISODE LEFT as I typed out 10×5! Ugh! The revival went by too fast for me!


The episode starts out with literally bang in Texas with two suicide bombers blowing a building.  Mulder and Scully are in the basement office, watching videos taken by civilians post-blast.  There’s a sound of trumpets in the air. Mulder dubbed these people “ear witnesses” and that they believe the sound was from God himself. While they have a lively debate about God and the bible, there comes a knock at the door and a voice asking if anyone is in there. Scully steals the show and says the words that I’ve always wanted to hear her say: “Nobody but the FBI’s most unwanted.” (Perfection, you guys!)


The source of the voice belongs to Mulder-and-Scully clones Miller and Einstein. Miller is tall, dark haired believer, while Einstein is a red-headed medical doctor and skeptic. Mulder and Scully are just like the rest of us and see these agents as younger versions of themselves. Then comes the reason why they’ve sought out Mulder and Scully: they’re working on the bombing case. Mulder Miller is wondering if the elder agents know of a way to communicate with the one remaining survivor of the blast: one of the bombers who happens to be in a persistent vegetative state.


They know ways but nothing truly helpful. Miller and Einstein leave and head to the airport.  While they wait, Scully calls Miller and has a suggestion. Mulder ends up calling Einstein: he has an idea as well.  Elsewhere: another bomb is being made.


Einstein goes to Mulder and Mulder talks of words having weight, which frustrates Einstein.  Then he finally tells her his idea: SHROOMS. Because. Why not? Einstein thinks he’s insane and leaves. Smart woman. While they talk, Scully meets Miller at the airport and they head to Texas. In the bomber’s hospital room, Scully tells her his idea—using an electro-encephalogram to monitor brainwave–but before they can start to even put the idea into action, they’re interrupted by Homeland Security. Homeland Security tries to kick them out but Miller lays down the law and sends them packing.


Einstein joins the party but can’t get into the room because of Homeland Security and when she finds out Scully’s there, she calls Mulder. Making the Texas party complete. Mulder and Einstein start phase one of Mulder’s plan—getting the drugs.


At the hospital, there comes a warning of a bomb threat and the building is evacuated—mostly.  The nurse that was monitoring the bomber decides to turn off his machines and watches as he flat lines. When Einstein and Mulder arrives, she flips the machines back on—her actions going unnoticed— and then goes on a racist rant while Einstein escorts her from the room. Mulder remains in the room as he takes the pills Einstein gave him. Well. He’s there for a little bit anyways.


BabylonLGM (1)


Then the pills kick in and we’re treated to one helluva hallucination sequence that features Mulder line dancing to Achy, Breaky Heart (which is now going to get stuck in my head. Again.), cameos by the beloved Lone Gunmen, Skinner, and a slight BDSM moment with Einstein.


When the fun stops, Mulder ends up on a boat with Cigarette Smoking Man. He tells Mulder he’s come to the right place. The bomber is on the boat as well. He’s being held by a matronly looking woman. Mulder goes to them and the man whispers to him. Miller and Scully try their method and they get some sort of response but they don’t know if it’s real or not. In another part of the hospital, Skinner wakes Mulder and he’s pissed and calls him an embarrassment (but that’s not really a new insult to Mulder at this point in the game.)


Einstein reveals that the pills she had given him were placebos. Mulder insists the trip was real and that he talked to the bomber, but can’t tell anyone what he said because it was in Arabic.




As Einstein wheels Mulder through the hospital, he sees the woman he had seen holding the bomber during his hallucination there at the hospital. She, Noora, is the bomber’s mother.  Noora speaks to her son, Shiraz, and tells him that she knows he didn’t want to go through with the bombing, because he has spoken to her in her dream and prayers. But she doesn’t know who started the terrorist cell. Shiraz goes into cardiac arrest and dies. Mulder insists that this is what he saw and that Shiraz spoke to him, though no one else believes him.


When asked by Miller what Shiraz said to him, Mulder gets out “Babil al funduq” and Miller translates:  “Babylon, the hotel.” Turns out, it’s an actual place and the hotel Babylon is raided and the cell is arrested. Miller and Einstein go to the airport and talk about the case and how maybe somethings in the world are unexplainable and she’s know a believer that words have weight.


Scully goes to visit Mulder and they go for a walk and talk case, about love and hate, about God, about the power of suggestion, about the power of a mother’s love. Scully suggests that maybe they should do as the prophets do and open their hearts and truly listen. And then Mulder begins to hear trumpets, bringing the episode full circle.


Favorite Moments and Quotes:


Scully: “Nobody but the FBI’s Most Unwanted. I’ve been waiting 23 years to say that.”


Mulder: “How’d it feel?”

Scully: “Pretty good.”


Einstein: “You talk to Agent Scully like that?”

Mulder: “Only when she’s being a mugwump.”


  • High!Mulder was hilarious and he had some mad line dancing skills. And if I still have Achy Breaky Heart in my head any longer, I may cry.
  • I wish the Lone Gunmen’s appearance had been a two second gimmick. I wish they had brought them back because COME ON CSM IS STILL ALIVE!!
  • Mulder and Scully’s talk at the end was heartwarming and left me with warm fuzzies.
  • I don’t know if it’s my slight fangirl crush on Robbie Amell, but Miller was absolutely wonderful and I’d watch a show with his character in a heartbeat. Einstein…she was a bit too abrasive but that was the point, I think.


One more episode left and it looks like an absolute doozy!


What are your thoughts fellow X-Philes?

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  1. KatFebruary 20th, 2016 at 10:13 am

    I thought this would be a fantastic backdoor pilot for Miller and Einstein – I would watch it in a heartbeat.

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