The Wonder Woman Movie Is Getting a Tie-In Makeup Collection


By: Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

For many, the routine of putting on makeup makes them feel like they are adorning themselves in armor to go fight their everyday battles. It makes them feel confident, beautiful, and powerful, just like Wonder Woman. Soon, they will be able to get that feeling from actual Wonder Woman-inspired makeup.

Though not many details have been announced yet, what is sure is this: indie makeup brand Luxie Beauty – previously known mostly for its makeup brushes – is teaming up with Warner Bros. to release a makeup line to tie-in with the Wonder Woman movie.

All that has been teased so far is an Instagram post from Luxie Beauty featuring what appears to be a compact with the Wonder Woman logo on top. They also posted a tweet with the same image, but there they included the hashtag #ComicCon. Is that where it will debut? (If so, it would not be the first time a makeup line has launched there).

Because the specifics are vague, it’s easy to imagine what products could be included in the collection, especially because there are so many products that would allow the everyday makeup wearer to feel like Wonder Woman. Eyeshadow palettes? Lipstick? A contour set to give you the cheekbones of an Amazonian warrior princess? The possibilities are endless!

The collaboration is a big win for Luxie Beauty, though it’s not the first time a major film studio has worked with indie brands to release a makeup collection. Lionsgate recently teamed up with Storybook Cosmetics for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory line, Sola Look’s Dirty Dancing comes out later this month, and their Flashdance collaboration dropped last year.

One more positive about this partnership? Luxie Beauty’s entire brand is vegan and cruelty-free, which Wonder Woman would definitely approve of.

Hopefully more details will be released soon and we’ll get to know exactly when we get to go from Amazon to glamazon, swipe on some lipstick, and go kick some butt.

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