The Walking Dead Review: Not Tomorrow Yet


by Jonathan Pilley (@omnicomic)

The Walking Dead is adapted from previous source material. This review is not meant to compare similarities and differences between the show and comic. It’s meant to be read purely as a take on the episode as it stands.

That being said, SPOILERS AHEAD.

“We’re gonna have to fight.”

Not exactly sure what’s with the back half of season six relying on catchy music to open their episodes, but maybe it signals a change of heart for the show. A change exemplified by the characters determined to turn over a new leaf in their endeavors to survive. Carol seems to be taking the bluebirds and sunshine to heart, foraging and baking to pass the time and spread cheer amongst the village. Before Carol was a ruthless survivor, she was a different kind of survivor in that she survived abuse at the hands of her husband. It’s not too far-fetched for her domestic side to kick in during peace time.

That idyllic mindset is – per usual – quickly upset by Rick’s arrival with news of impending war. Their newest opponent is the Saviors and Rick is giving the settlement the chance to vote on the action. It’s nice to see these moments in the show when the survivors attempt to inject some civility into the growing civilization. What it boils down to is Rick playing on the fears of the settlers while Morgan wants to play to their empathy. And while it’s got all the makings of a fine pep talk, to hear Rick say we kill them all, that’s where things getting a little murky for everyone.

The season opened up with Rick’s plan to lead the mammoth-sized horde away from the settlement. The plan (beyond being insanely dangerous) was relatively decent, in that Rick saw a threat and sought to neutralize it before it got worse. The plan, of course, fell apart and yet Rick is still making bold proclamations and waging the lives of those in Alexandria. What’s more is that when Rick ventured into the horde in a rage over Carl, he rallied the troops by his actions. If it were any other lesser character, they likely would’ve been chided for being so foolish as to do just that.

Still, Rick has (and will continue to be) the unquestioned leader of the show no matter what happens. To be fair, Rick has certainly been through his share of hardships in the new world, but everyone has. He gets a lot of slack, though, when it comes to decisions involving him, partially because his running crew is so good at bailing him out. All of them have been through the wringer more times than they care to count which explains why they’re so willing to follow along.

There’s a certain arrogance to their actions because they have been through so much. Rick and the group are essentially flying blind into an unknown situation, relying on some crude drawings from someone who vaguely recalls being in the Saviors’ facility. The fact that they have been together for so long does reinforce the special ops-like execution of their assault on the Saviors’ compound. The group swiftly and stealthily infiltrated the base, inflicting quiet death upon many of the sleeping soldiers. It wasn’t all that efficient, however.

Eventually an alarm was triggered and an infiltration operation became and all-out gunfight. Their clinical efficiency extended to their effortless sweep and destroy mission as they gunned down any and all comers. The sheer number of Saviors on-site will likely vindicate Rick’s decision-making to both him and the group. It’s obvious though that things won’t end here and there will likely be retaliation for the assault, as most strongly evidenced by the ending of the episode. Maggie and Carol have been kidnapped by mysterious strangers with eyes on the group, setting up a new path for the season to go down.

Interwoven throughout the episode were a lot of characters stating where they stand with one another. Abraham broke it off with Rosita with the WORST break-up line possibly (it basically worked out as when I met you I was desperate, but now I know there are other women out there). Carol found someone she’s fond of, while Tara questioned her relationship with Denise. All the characters have been getting back to a normal way of life in Alexandria (as normal as possible, at least), but many of them would likely prefer to deal with a Walker than with someone mad at them.

It wasn’t stated clearly whether or not the group got Negan, but judging by how much they’ve built him up and that the other women are out there, it’s likely they didn’t get him. Rick and the group are probably about to realize that for someone with such a reputation, he’s probably got a fairly sophisticated operation that spans multiple sites. And the counterattack against Alexandria will likely be angry, but it might take a few episodes to get to it. “Not Tomorrow Yet” seemed to rely on the notion that characters should live for the now and they certainly did here. Dealing with the consequences of those actions will haunt the group for the duration of the season and probably well into next season.

Four Stars

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