The Tomorrow People – In Too Deep


By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

The pilot episode of The Tomorrow People was a strong first outing, but the second episode, “In Too Deep” seemed to spin its wheels. The second episode felt more like part two of the pilot than an episode to further the plot or create a narrative.

Warning: spoilers ahead:

For the uninitiated, Stephen (Robbie Amell) is a part of a new species called “The Tomorrow People.” They are able to teleport, have telekinesis, and telepathy. Essentially, they are the new evolutionary leap for mankind. Unfortunately, the Tomorrow People are being hunted by a group called Ultra.

As seen in the pilot, Stephen’s father abandoned him and his family. But, he learned his father left because he was the leader of the Tomorrow People. On the other hand, his uncle Dr. Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino) is the face of Ultra, a devious organization that is trying to eliminate the Tomorrow People.
In an attempt to be a double agent, Stephen joined his uncle’s organization all the while trying to help his species.

In the most recent episode, Ultra and the Tomorrow People fight over a “breakout,” a person who just learned to harness their abilities. Ultra wants to kill the kid, while Stephen tries to convince John and Cara, the leaders of the Tomorrow People, to save and take him in.

The entire episode felt like it was one big moral dilemma. Everyone had their own moral code and wanted to follow it, so of course conflict ensued. Stephen was able to convince his new found friends that they should save the most recent “breakout.”

The bank robbery at the beginning of the episode was nicely done. It moved quickly and was quite clever to use the “breakout” as the actual bank robber.
In the pilot, Stephen seemed to harness his abilities quickly. So it was a nice change of pace in this episode to see him struggle a bit with using them. The funniest parts of the episode were his problems teleporting, especially when he landed in a janitor’s closet or when he ran straight into a wall thinking he would teleport.

John and Cara’s sparing scene during the middle of the hour was painful to watch and completely unnecessary. Did the audience really need to see them awkwardly roll on the ground with one another? Not so much.

The episode built up two main plot points that will come into play farther on in the season, Ultra’s ability to bring chaos and the Tomorrow People’s ability to stand up and fight their enemy.

On a random side note, it’s hilarious that Stephen only has one friend at school. The writers couldn’t have given him at least one more? Sure, they are trying to portray him as a loner, but even loners have more than one friend. Even on Smallville, Clark had at least two friends from his class.

John is the most relatable out of the bunch. His main motive for his actions is to keep himself and most importantly the people he cares about, the Tomorrow People safe. He seems willing to do anything to keep his people safe.

Hopefully the series breaks out of their self-imposed status quo and hits the ground running in the next episode.
What do you think of The Tomorrow People so far? Will you be tuning in next week?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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