The Tomorrow People: Girl, Interrupted


By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

The Tomorrow People took a strong step forward in their narrative with in Girl, Interrupted. So far, the two first episodes were somewhat repetitive in their storytelling, but this week took a little of their old formula and brought in an added twist.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The past two episodes have consisted of Stephen debating with Cara and John over morality. The same continued this week, but instead it was used as the subplot. Although, it’s kind of unclear to what which storyline was A or B since both were given equal time. It’s even hard to tell which one is more important to the overall mythology. Each were significant in their own way.

There has been little backstory given in the young life of the show, especially to the actual Tomorrow People, and this episode was the first step toward building the character’s foundation. Cara’s backstory was explored through flashbacks and it was intense.

One of the weirdest plot holes in the series happened in this episode. Earlier in the series, someone said that the Tomorrow People can’t kill. However, when Cara was a “breakout” she killed the guy trying to rape her. So, they actually can, accidentally, kill people with the force of their power. It was a nice touch that they made her deaf before Cara realized her powers, since in the present time frame of the show, she continues to have some difficulty hearing too much.

Her dad’s reaction to her being able to hear was somewhat off. It seemed as if he could have cared less and when Cara was about to leave he thought, which she heard through her telepathy, that they would be better off without her. It was heartbreaking to watch Cara slowly walk away from the house and say goodbye to her sister.

It’s completely possible that her father knew of her powers. Maybe her mother was also a Tomorrow People, which would explain why she has powers and why her mother was never introduced to the audience.

The first genuinely crazy moment of the series so far was Astrid seeing Stephen teleport while trying to save a girl at school from committing suicide. The episode should have ended with her seeing him teleport. Her confronting Stephen about it should have been in a later episode. Hopefully when she inevitably begins to snoop around, it doesn’t become annoying.

It’s somewhat startling that they would already have Astrid find out about her best friend’s power in the first season, let alone the first episode. However, it will open up so many storyline possibilities that the series can hopefully capitalize on.

Ultra was back to its horrible ways again and Stephen’s routine breaking in and sneaking around the compound continued. It’s puzzling that Stephen’s uncle Jedekiah kills some of the Tomorrow People while he just takes away other’s powers. Why not just take the powers away from all of them. Ultra’s endgame and real motive is still unclear.

It was the freshman series’ best outing to date. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and they continue their forward momentum.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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