The Super Skin of Superheroes [Infographic]


By: Olivia Biggs

Nothing seems to bother most superheroes. Bullets fall off them like water droplets off a duck’s back.

But only some can survive a shot to the chest (like Superman) while others need their powerful suits (like Batman). Stripped of their equipment, which superheroes can deflect blows and survive terrible fights using only their skin?

This infographic made by is a sampling of 86 popular comic-book superheroes whose powers are skin deep. (Villains aren’t included in this party, but don’t worry – they’ve had some pretty strange skin conditions too.)

Luke Cage, who now has a successful Netflix series, sports one of the more rare and useful abilities: unbreakable skin. Most other Marvel characters only sport regeneration abilities, something that science is actually hoping to recreate some day. Regeneration doesn’t stop the pain of impact in the first place, and can be quite painful upon regrowth. There are definite cons. For Wolverine, it might translate into being terrified of drowning. For Deadpool, it means having a tumor constantly growing and re-growing in his brain, driving him mad.

DC, on the other hand, seems to prefer their characters to be invulnerable. Pro tip: if you want to chose one of these several skin powers, invulnerability might be a safe bet. That’s how even idiots like The Tick manage to stay alive.

Other powers get a bit stranger, though. There’s Ghost Rider and Blazing Skull, who both don’t have skin on their faces. There’s elasticity and growth, which lead us to some rather less-loved characters, like Skin, who’s quite obscure, and Apache Chief, who may or may not have shown up in the new Wonder Woman movie.

When it comes to sheer overpowered ridiculousness, though, no one comes close to the god-like Dr. Manhattan, whose inherent powers only seem to make him more sad and distant. (Maybe his skin isn’t as thick as we thought.)

If you could pick a few of these skin-based superpowers from comic books, which ones would you chose?

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