The Scale of Fictional Buildings: Fantasy Monoliths and Skyscrapers By Height [Infographic]


By: Olivia Biggs

Just how big is your favorite fictional tower? Is it Wayne Tower tall or is it Barad-dûr huge? When using our imaginations based on tiny models, CGI images, or just words on a page, it’s pretty easy to lose the scale of these fictional buildings. has done the math and not only compared them to each other but also to skyscrapers found in real life.

This infographic takes some of the highest skyscrapers and monoliths from science fiction, comic books, action movies, and fantasy series and ranks them.

Valve fans should be excited: The Citadel from Half Life 2 dwarfs pretty much everything on the list and anything ever built in real life by far. Working backwards from that monstrosity, you have the pyramid from Blade Runner. Now, it might not seem that big in the movie, but that’s because the ground floor of that building was supposedly as tall as the old World Trade Centers. Maybe it will make another appearance in Blade Runner 2049 with a different scale in mind.

All of these buildings, from the Jedi Temple in the Star Wars franchise to Barad-dûr from The Lord of the Rings series (which supposedly kept its height due to magic) are vastly larger than anything built in our world, let alone in the United States. But as we get further down the list, we find structures that are closer to reality.

The Wall from Game of Thrones is 700 feet tall, which is shorter than the Eiffel Tower, but it’s more notable because of the length – about 300 miles. Compare that with the Great Wall of China, which is only about 16 feet (but 5,000 miles long) or Hadrian’s Wall, which the Game of Thrones wall is based on, which is only 10 feet high and about 73 miles long.

While some of the items can get wishy-washy, like the strangely symbolic Dark Tower of Stephen King’s book-and-now-film franchise, many on here can be measured directly against each other due to reports from model-makers and fans. Check out the infographic to see how your fandom’s tower ranks in scale.

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