The Rock Announced DC Comics Movie Role


By: Brandon Myers(@BrandoCalrysian)

Actor Dwayne Johnson has been flirting with the idea of playing either Shazam or Black Adam in a film for years and teasing fans about the idea on his social media accounts. It was thought his role would be revealed at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, but no announcement came. Yesterday, he gave us the answer on his official Twitter page:

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to play Black Adam.

Variety reports that Darren Lemke will write the script with Johnson playing Black Adam, “who in recent issues of the DC comic book, is more of an anti-hero trying to clear his name than a villain.” This comes on the heels of recent reports that DC holds the rights to the domain name

The official title of the film has not been announced at this time, but DC recently unveiled a massive release calendar of nine films reaching all the way into 2020. This announcement is just one of the many pieces that are sure to fall into place in the upcoming months about DC’s Cinematic Universe.  DC has a lot of catching up to do if they want to match the universe built by Marvel, so expect them to move forward quickly with this film.

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