The Quest: Tournament for the Queen Review (Spoiler Free)


The Quest: Tournament for the Queen

When I start watching a new show, the second episode is really the episode that defines the series. It sets the tone after the pilot and introduces the characters and the plot. So is The Quest a show worth setting up a series recording on your DVR or should the Fates banish it from television?

I enjoyed episode two, Tournament for the Queen, much more then the pilot but that doesn’t mean it was a better episode. They did a better job of focusing on the contestants and characters of the show rather then the setting, Everealm, which helps to make it memorable for the viewers. I thought it was unfortunate that after the first episode I only knew Shondo’s name, and that was because of his huge personality.


The challenges for this episode were pretty awesome. The Tournament for the Queen title directly references the main challenge for the contestants: a series of obstacles on horseback that are worth varying points. The contestants start with mounted archery, with three shots to score as many points as possible. They ride on to the next station, a spear throw. After throwing the spear, contestants ride to the jousting station in which they try to hit a stationary target simulating a joust. The final station is a skull on a post that the contestants have to smash with a hammer. I told you it was pretty awesome!

For the banishment challenge, three contestants have to take a horseshoe and flatten it on an anvil with a hammer, cool it in a bucket of water, then find the shoe’s correct place on a wheel, and nail it down with six nails. I like that the producers threw some variation in, because this challenge is less of a physical challenge that favors athletes, but is a mental challenge that requires a lot of focus.


The Quest followed up an OK premiere with a strong second episode that featured cool challenges and let you get to know the contestants a little better. I still don’t feel connected to any certain contestant, and I don’t know if the producers are still trying to sell the concept to viewers and are neglecting the character development but they really need to give the viewers more insight into the characters in the next few episodes. When I hear people discuss reality shows, they are always talking about the contestants and not the challenges or how cool the concept is.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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