The Office: The Farm


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

The most recent episode of The Office, “The Farm,” was originally  supposed to be a spin-off pilot for Dwight and honestly, I’m glad NBC  ultimately decided to pass. Dwight is too broad a character to carry  his own show and his previously unmentioned brother and sister were  just not sympathetic enough for me to want to learn more about them.

The setup  was that Dwight’s Aunt Shirley had died and in her last video, she said  she would leave Dwight the farm if he could get Fannie and Jeb to come  home. Though they did come home, these are the Schrutes and obviously  they can’t do anything normally. Jeb drives his rental car through right  through the grave and Fannie shows up with her son, whom Dwight tries  to bond with.

Other guests  at the funeral? A group of blonde women who are way too hot to be Schrutes,  but apparently are, indeed, cousins. Dwight then hits on one of them,  which made me go, “WTF?!” Yes, Dwight is weird, but is he date-your-own-cousin  weird?

Continuing  with the weird, evidently one of the traditions of a Schrute family  funeral is to shoot the deceased’s body with a shotgun. You see why  I’m glad this wasn’t picked up for pilot?

Back at  the office, Michael’s friend Todd Packer shows up. Now, Todd was fired  from Dunder-Mifflin last season and Michael pretty much ended their  friendship in season seven, so I’m really not sure why the writers randomly  brought him back. I’m assuming it’s because they want him to have closure  before the show ends, though, because he’s now in recovery and to apologize  to everyone, he brings in cupcakes. (And when I say, “apologize,”  I use the term loosely. He pretty much uses that time to insult everyone.)  Pam calls him out on it and then calls a meeting to tell everyone they  shouldn’t eat food brought in from Todd Packer. He leaves and they eat  them anyway, but Pam was right – he’s laced them with drugs to get revenge  for getting him fired.

After all  is said and done, Dwight and his siblings survey the land, presumably  to farm it and start their own show. Thankfully, that’s not the case,  and we are all better for it.

Rating: 3  out of 5 stars

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  1. Pavan SinghMarch 20th, 2013 at 12:41 pm

    I miss the office. The only reason it died down for me was when Steve Carell left, and also Jim did not play as many pranks on Dwight as he did in the first 4 seasons, which i used to love.

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