The Office: Stairmageddon


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)

The Office was oddly disjointed last week. Yes, they usually have at least two storylines going at once, but this time there were four, and I think some of the impact they wanted to make with certain plot points got lost in the shuffle.

Basically the only connection the title has to the episode is that Dwight (this time acting as building manager) has scheduled elevator maintenance in the middle of the day which forces employees to take the stairs. Stanley is out of shape and of course complains about the climb the whole way up, and when he refuses to go out on a sales call with Dwight, Dwight shoots him with three bull tranquilizer darts. The humor came from Dwight and Clark trying to get Stanley down the stairs and later to the sales call. One strategy they employed to get him out of the building was to cover the stairs in cardboard and shove him down. Besides ramming his helmet-covered head into the wall (hey, kids, head injuries are funny!), it actually looked like a lot of fun and made me want to try it, too.

As I have mentioned before, it seems like the writers are taking the opportunity to let actors shine that may not have had the chance to before. Stanley has previously been relegated to a crossword-doing, short-tempered grump, but being drugged with three tranquilizers really gave Leslie David Baker the chance to show a different side of his acting, all to hilarious results.

Elsewhere, the first review for the documentary has come out and it reveals Angela’s husband, the Senator, is gay. He holds a press conference with his wife by his side where he confirms the news, thanks her and Oscar for helping him realize it, then declares he’s in love with his chief of staff and kisses him, all on live TV. Betcha didn’t see that coming!

Andy thinks the documentary review is harsh, but he decides to capitalize on his burgeoning fame by signing with a talent agent (guest star Roseanne Barr). He pays her $5000 upfront, not including headshots, so what do you want to bet he’s getting swindled out of that money?

You would think with two very funny people, the scene itself would also be funny, but you would be wrong. I didn’t love this storyline, especially since it just seemed like another stop in Andy’s never-ending quest for validation.

Finally, Pam reveals to Nellie that she and Jim are going to their first couple’s counseling session that night. Jim confides to Toby about it, who himself has gone through a divorce. Jim and Pam are clearly not on the same page about their marriage, but hopefully the counseling will help them through this tough time. I haven’t like their marriage struggle storyline since it was introduced because, like I’ve said countless times, it seems like something the writers threw together since it’s the last season, especially since Jim and Pam have never had problems before. We’ve been put through the ringer with these two enough over the course of nine seasons, so the payoff better be worth it.

Overall, I thought it was a pretty middle-of-the-road episode. It’s definitely not destined to be a classic, which makes me sad since I want them to be hitting it out of the park each episode and go out on top. Some storylines were better than others, and only a few scenes got a chuckle out of me, but I know I will undeniably miss this show when it’s gone.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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