The Office: Paper Airplane


by Haylee Fisher (@haylee_fisher)


Is anyone else as surprised as I am that The Office has gone nine seasons and not had a paper airplane contest until now? They work at a paper distribution company for goodness sakes! Nellie introduces the contest and the winner is determined March Madness bracket-style, and they take home $2,000. Dwight and Angela are the last two standing, and after telling his girlfriend he feels sorry for Angela in her studio apartment with her son and fifteen cats after separating from her husband, Dwight tries to throw the contest so she wins. But Angela turns the tables on him and makes no effort in her airplane toss so Dwight wins. Isn’t this how their relationship has always been, though? The little banal fights they pick just to make each other mad, but you know they’ll end up together when all is said and done?

Andy was not a part of the paper airplane contest because he was busy filming for his first acting job. His new talent agent Carla Fern (Roseanne Barr) has booked him in an instructional video for a science company explaining everything that can go wrong in a laboratory. He brings Daryl along for support and his agent tags along, too. Now, I’m not an actor, but an agent doesn’t go with their client to every job do they? It just seemed odd, but was obviously in an effort to get Barr more screen time and more interaction between Andy and Carla. While this was an emotional episode in other aspects (more on that later), one thing that made me laugh out loud was when the director told Andy to read the script as if he were a news anchor, after first reading it too happily. Because of that instruction, we got to learn Ed Helms does a pretty hilarious Tom Brokaw impression! However, I did think it was pretty stupid he wouldn’t use the eye wash station at first. Dude, it’s only water!

But what made the most impact on me this episode was the Jim and Pam storyline, as usual. I even tweeted, “Dang you, The Office and your emotional manipulation!” after it ended! It’s really starting to hit that after last night, we only have three episodes left and then they had to go and show a clip from Pam and Jim’s wedding! Granted, it was the perfect way to show us they are going to be alright, but for those few brief seconds at the end when Pam didn’t hug Jim back and the voiceover from their minister reading 1 Corinthians 13:13 kicked in, I’ll admit I started crying.

And no doubt that’s just what the writers intended me to do. I think these last few episodes are going to mimic what we learned what we learned about Jim and Pam – though the show, too, has gone through some rough patches, when we leave Dunder-Mifflin for the last time and we are not privy to their private lives anymore, these characters will be okay.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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